Impass: Capital Massacre in XWY-YM


XWY-YM system, Impass region. On the 6th of September at 2:39 EVE Standard Time, a battle was fought in the system between Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] and Circle-Of-Two [CO2] over a Fortizar citadel.

The citadel in question belonged to Test Alliance Please Ignore. The alliance had anchored it the day before and prepared to defend it during its vulnerability phase as it came online. Circle-Of-Two was not about to let it happen and prepared to contest the timer, reaching out to Triumvirate. [TRI] for backup. Test Alliance Please Ignore was not without allies and two major armadas assembled.

Though numbers are sketchy, Test Alliance Please Ignore and its allies managed to amass several sub capital fleets including a Cerberus heavy assault cruiser fleet under Phoenix Federation (PF), a Brave Collective [BRAVE] Maelstrom battleship fleet, a Drone Regions Federation (DRF) Hurricane battlecruiser fleet and a full (256 pilots) Test Alliance Please Ignore Nightmare battleship fleet. Beside these, Test Alliance Please Ignore had also mustered a large capital and super-capital fleets which amounted to 70 super capitals and 280 assorted capitals (Including force auxiliaries, combat carriers and dreadnoughts).

Against this, Circle-Of-Two was able to form a Hurricane fleet and a 170 pilot dreadnought fleet with combat carrier and force auxiliary support. Triumvirate. also formed a capital fleet of its own, numbering 140 pilots, but was unable to reach the fight due to Test Alliance Please Ignore and Drone Regions Federation’s machinations.

Third parties included but were not limited to a Pandemic Legion [-10.0] Tengu strategic cruiser fleet, a Northern Coalition. [NC] Eagle heavy assault cruiser fleet, a Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) Confessor tactical destroyer fleet and Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] Jackdaw tactical destroyer fleet.

Most of the sub-capital fleets however would see little to no action. With the Fortizar finishing its anchoring period and attempting to online, a cynosural beacon suddenly lit up near the structure ushering in Circle-Of-Two’s capital fleet. The dreadnoughts proceeded to fire on the vulnerable structure while Test Alliance Please Ignore’s Nightmare fleet sat tethered to the structure, seemingly helpless.

A second cynosural beacon flared up, this time ushering in a host of Test Alliance Please Ignore force auxiliaries. The force auxiliaries, mainly shield ones such as the Minokawa and Lif, docked up in the structure before launching out again and tethering themselves to the citadel. This was done to allow the force auxiliaries to spread out safely while also charging up their capacitor. All the while Circle-Of-Two chipped at the structure’s health points.

Once the force auxiliaries were in place, Test Alliance Please Ignore jumped in three titans.

The cones of energy overlapped and bathed the majority of the hostile fleet

The behemoths materialized on the field near the hostile dreadnoughts and activated their doomsday devices. Two boson field generators and a reaper beam device spooled up before discharging their deadly charges. The cones of energy overlapped and bathed the majority of the hostile fleet while the sickle beam sliced through the assembled capital ships. The combined firepower was enough to even take down a whole squadron of mixed capitals. The damage spread also served to soften many of the Circle-Of-Two capitals which was the intended result all along. Circle-Of-Two immediately responded, trying to destroy the titans which jumped near it but the force auxiliaries broke tether and entered triage mode, their remote shield transfers ready to restore the titans’ shields.

With the initial attack successful, the rest of the Test Alliance Please Ignore capital and super capital fleet jumped into the fray. Newly arrived titans fired their doomsday devices at hostile capitals while super carriers and combat carriers unleashed a swarm of fighters and fighter bombers. A 140 Test Alliance Please Ignore dreadnoughts entered their siege cycles and opened fire on their hostile counterparts.

The battle quickly devolved into a massacre as Circle-Of-Two found itself overwhelmed by Test Alliance Please Ignore’s response. It attempted to destroy one of the closest titans, even bringing it down to around 60% shields, but to no avail; Test Alliance Please Ignore simply pummeled the Circle-Of-Two capitals, destroying whole squadrons with each passing minute. Circle-Of-Two combat carriers attempted to lessen the impact of the Test Alliance Please Ignore super carriers with space superiority fighters only to see their enemies destroy their fighters in retaliation.

Circle-Of-Two though, was done. Its entire capital fleet and even sub capital force destroyed

Unable to break the titan’s shields, the dwindling Circle-Of-Two dreadnoughts attempted to exact some revenge on Test Alliance Please Ignore. Circle-Of-Two managed to destroy two force auxiliaries and a whole dreadnought squadron in return but it was only a drop in the ocean. By then the sub capital fleets had joined the fray, many of them focusing their fire on fighters or capital ships and hastening the end. Third parties used the opportunity to strike at all involved, striking from range mostly and inflicting some negligible losses.

Circle-Of-Two though, was done. Its entire capital fleet and even sub capital force destroyed, the last remaining ships attempted to escape the unfolding carnage. Few did manage to escape, leaving Test Alliance Please Ignore and its allies to push out the remaining hostiles and secure the citadel.

While the battle unfolded, Triumvirate. was en route to reinforce Circle-Of-Two from its home base in the Insmother region. Knowing Triumvirate. will need to travel quite a way to reach the site of the battle, Test Alliance Please Ignore and Drone Regions Federation posted several interdictors along the way. These interdictors used warp disruption probes to trap many of the Triumvirate. capital ships on gates, delaying their arrival. By the time the Triumvirate. fleet managed to free itself from the interdictor menace and be in range of the system, the battle had already been lost. Deciding not to needlessly sacrifice their capital ships, the Triumvirate. fleet commanders chose to withdraw back to their staging and stand down.

Test Alliance Please Ignore and its allies disposed of the last Circle-Of-Two stragglers before securing the citadel. The Fortizar came online and entered its invulnerability phase. While skirmishes would rage in the system for quite a while after the main capital battle had finished, Test Alliance Please Ignore and its allies commanded the field, winning both the battle and the objective.

The Battle from the Perspective of Circle-Of-Two’s Capital Fleet:

The Battle from a Neutral Perspective:

Battle report for the XWY-YM system can be found here.

All told, the main battle lasted 31 minutes with Time Dilation reaching 10% and remaining there for most of the fight. The system held approximately 1530 pilots at the height of the battle.

Circle-Of-Two lost 225 ships in the fight including 99 dreadnoughts, 20 force auxiliaries, 49 combat carriers and 20 battlecruisers for a total of 397.07 billion ISK damage.
Test Alliance and its myriad of allies lost a total for 106 ships which included 11 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 11 battleships, 1 battlecruiser and 10 heavy assault cruisers resulting in a combined 43.51 billion ISK damage.

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