How to Get More Women Playing EVE Online

I understand that this topic may seem a bit knackered, with all the Gamergate drama and related topics giving the wrong idea; that women only want to earn their place in various communities because they have no penis. This is not the case. In my previous article, I wrote:

“While there are more women in the world than men, there are significantly less female players in EVE Online than male. Gals are as little as 3.8% of all EVE subscriptions.”

I would like to focus on the reasons for this disproportion. And yes, I do know that in the gaming community we are still a minority. I have spent some time discussing the topic with fellow players, both men and women, reading everything I could find out about it; lurking through the comments below my first article and on reddit—I have to say that the conclusion is not very revealing, nor it is very funny. Dear gentlemen, boys, fellas, bros—you are the main reason girl-bros do not stick to the game, and eventually leave or lurk in the shadows, rarely revealing their real gender. I will not sit on my judgement throne and cast fireballs at you. I am not a person that does that. We are mostly an adult community, and I seriously hope you can identify, and correct, bad behavior. To that end, I will help you fix that. Here is a list of common behaviours that make us cringe: 1. ZOMG it’s a guuuuuuuurl! Have you guys heard?! A GIRL! BEWBZ! We have a FEMALE in comms!

Just… stop. She knows she’s been a woman for some time now. In fact, she probably looks in the mirror every now and then. Honestly, this is pretty hard to hide unless you’re Mary Read. You are not being funny; it does not make you look like a stallion with cunning brains. You are being ridiculous, and you may make her uncomfortable. How would you feel if every time you started chatting in voice comms, someone shouted “OMIGAWD it’s a boy! Congrats on that dick thing!”

2. Go make me a sandwich! Why aren’t you in the kitchen?! Are you using your big brother’s account?

“Casual” sexism. Don’t get me wrong, there is a certain group of gals who would laugh, and I am one of them. But this gets boring, really fast. While some of us might find this funny the first or tenth time, the 101st time is beyond old and nuh-uh, you’re not first this week. You’re probably not even first on that day. Google some new jokes, preferably not sexist, and stop nagging. It won’t win you anything, not even e-peen, and you may lose a fantastic pilot from your fleet, corp, or alliance.

3. Oh-oh, you’re helping her? Whoa brother, you love her! Are you going to have kids?

Look, dumbass, there are gentlemen who know better than you how to treat fellow pilots, especially newbros. We were all newbs (some of us still are), and we all needed help from time to time. Remember when you were laughing at that one friend who helped girls with their backpacks, instead of pulling their braids? This is how you are behaving now. Congrats on being a man-child.

4. Do you have boobs like your avatar? Do you look like her? 

Those are pixels, and we are people. Some of us want the avatar to resemble themselves, some don’t. Some just don’t get the character creator and do not want to be bothered. And it’s none of your business! You should never show interest in anyone’s—be that a man’s or a woman’s—body parts, especially so-called private parts, because it makes people uncomfortable and may be seen as molestation. Do not do this. Keep your creepy stalker side to yourself, and we’ll all be happier.

CCP is working their asses off to make the game more newbro friendly, and some players are starting to cooperate. After all, it is always nice to have more people to pod, right? Part of the newcomers will be women; we might as well work together on keeping them, or at least on not making them leave the game in the middle of their first fleet. I’ve also heard other reasons why there are so few ladies in game, such as: the learning curve is killer, and the character creator doesn’t have enough customization options. The game lacks a feminine touch, special activities, and items for women. It is too competitive, too hard, and it lacks a point to all the activities. There are no pink skins for the ships, and there is too little Hello Kitty. Female models stand on their toes in flat boots, etc. And while some of those reasons are valid for some players, I somehow cannot see the heels issue as the reason for the disproportion between the general percentage of female gamers and female gamers in EVE. Let me know your thoughts. And Dear Ladies… boys will be boys. I wholeheartedly think this is a valid cause, and I certainly do not condone any sort of harassment—in game or out. Remember, we don’t live in an ideal world, and sometimes have to deal with things that make us uncomfortable. Do not run, do not hide. Our boy-bros come from different backgrounds; they may have their own issues, or they might have grown up following some seriously broken role models. Some of them are just plain dicks, and nothing will change that. But there is also a bunch (the majority) of normal guys who will welcome you with open arms as their pilot, logirl-bro (see what I did there?), trader, miner, diplomat, bomber, pirate or general carebear. If you end up in the wrong group—don’t quit. If you like the game, you will definitely find someone (or many someones) to fly with. Just note the names of the ones that piss you off, and blow their arses up to hell. Feels good, right? Love, Lili
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Lililiari Aaken

Pro ship spinner and Jita scammers’ troll, The New Eden Store fashion critic, all-around good girl. Vividly interested in phenomenons like the #boombitch effect. Founder of graph pr0n addicts support group. Gamer, nerd, wife. Occassional rebel.

  • gunsmoke162

    Very good article. I agree with you on these points. Some pilots never wise up and they should. Keep up the good work. Cya in space o/

  • Social elements aside, it could be that more women don’t play EVE Online simply because the fundamental nature and mechanics of the game itself doesn’t appeal to them, whether they are dedicated or casual gamers or not. I don’t know. It takes time to “get” what is so special about EVE. There’s probably no changing minds if they get don’t get grabbed by it within a fairly short investment window of playtime. All I know is that it had me enthralled from the very first minute of my trial–without ever having played an MMO before nor having been “into” the gaming scene beyond playing tabletop RPGs from my late teens to early thirties. Who knows why the game grabbed me, or you, or any of the other women I know who have huge time investments in the game and love it as we do.

    As for the negative social behavior that targets women passively or aggressively, or tiresome frat house behavior and/or toxic cultures in some groups…well, it’s not just women who are turned off by that. I suspect that women who try EVE and get exposed to such behavior tend to be far less tolerant of it and just find something more pleasant to do. The ones who stay have their own coping mechanisms, and that’s true for me too. But the more time I spend in my corp (where we foster a family-friendly atmosphere and respectful corp culture), the less interested I am in spending time with those who consistently demonstrate vulgar, profane, racist, sexist, inane, and immature behavior. It’s their right to behave that way, I guess, but I don’t have to subject myself to it.

  • Kirk ernaga

    Good read and to reiterate good points. I have thought about this myself a bit and always thought it curious. I think that eve has really kind of obtained a boys a locker room mentality and that this would certainly put some girls off. But experience with eve is that if you have a thick hide you will be fine, if you have a thin hide well then not so much. That goes for men and women because the boys room mentality is not going to change anytime soon.
    That said I think there is something else at work and I can’t say what it is except that that science fiction seems to have been a boys thing much like how say romance is a predominantly female

  • anonymouse

    One question though, this bad behaviour, is this only in eve or is it the same in other games?

    • Kamar Raimo

      It is pretty universal, just have a look at

      Since women are a larger minority in other games I would think there is more than just terrible behaviour towards them that keeps them from playing EVE.

  • Antibullying

    Lili, it’s interesting to get a lady’s perspective on the issue.
    I suggest that this is an “internet games in general” issue, and not just isolated to EVE. I agree with you that it is entirely puerile, incessant and immature.

    EVE is definately a breeding ground for not only the sexist banter, but other types of bullying and general bad behaviour. As an adult player, there is simply no way I would let my kids play eve under the age of 17, and that comes down to the behaviour of the community, and the content that some players think is necessary to post in local, or to spray at you, and the scamming….my god, the scamming.

    Unfortunately all you need to do is listen to a grand majority of EVE players to realise that maturity is not high on their list of personal traits. From the school yard bully tactics, gang stalking, and yes the immature banter it is clear that most EVE players are 30 year olds that have never grown up and are desperately single. It’s no wonder they remain single with that kind of behaviour but there you have it. So when a female enters their crystal palace of solitude and without a face to face interaction, they let their inner child completely off the chain.

    I find this is the biggest problem with the inter-webs, people think it’s ok to be sociopathic bullies, and engage in this sort of sexual harassment, because they disassociate from the fact a real human sits at the other side of the keyboard. Most of the offenders would not have the cajones to say this stuff face to face with a woman, or dish out that sort of bullying and abuse to another man standing alongside them. In general, these kind of people are cowards and have shut off their inner-monologue filters and say all the stuff they are thinking without first considering a human on the other side of that ethernet cable.

    It is often this inhuman treatment that leads me to long periods of unsubbing from EVE, and coming back a year later only to see nothing has changed. As you mention, there are some good people out there, the trick is finding them, and flying with them.

    Good luck out there, just realise some of us are mature enough to realise this is a problem, not only for the female players, but also the bully-tactics of the gaming environments on all players. In fact in my humble opinion, the harassment of the female population of gaming comes down to just another kind of bullying. It’s time these guys looked in the mirror and asked “would I be ok if someone said that to my sister, or my mother, or my daughter?” – “is this something I would say to another human’s face if they were sitting in front of me?”. I guarantee in most cases, the offenders would be answering no, but still somehow, they can’t keep it to themselves.

  • Anti-Social Injustice Warrior

    But more women means more feminists, and more feminists mean more feminist journalist spewing toxic BS about how terrible men are by default and must be taught how to behave my women.

    • K2

      I can assure you there are plenty of men that call themselves “feminists” (even though it’s absurd). However, Lili didn’t really go into feminist points, she was just asking to be treated as a human being, not because she’s a woman, but because it’s you know… normal…

      • Jjust calling it like it is

        “plenty of men that call themselves “feminists” ” … we call those gays.

        • Hey, bro, fuck you.

          • Dersen Lowery

            Now, now, there’s no need to jump on him when he’s doing such a spectacular job of proving her argument.

    • Making statements against childish behaviour does not make me a SJW. I consider myself to be the opposite, actually. I also consider myself more of a humanist than a feminist, if you will.
      SJWs did a huge harm to a group seriously concerned by some issues and made all people adressing them look like one of them. That’s a pity, but what can I do?

      Thanks for your comment anon. 😉 It feels so Tumblr. <3

    • chimpy

      The rule not all xxx are xxx applies here just as much as anywhere else. Do not confuse and conflate the toxicity of SJWs with feminism. Feminism is a broad church with many branches, it is not the same as SJWs. Some feminists are SJWs but by no means all or even most. For example Based Mom Cristina H Sommers is a feminist and also an anti SJW hero. Equality feminism is great, toxic extremist feminism is bad. Feminism is not the word that makes the difference there, it is the other words.

    • Rathje

      I’ve sympathized with the feminist movement on occasions. Then it got kind of hijacked by the far left, and I moved away from it.

      But let me just say – you don’t have to be a feminist to consider guys who do 1-4 human trash.

      I was raised a pretty conservative Mormon in a rural community, and where I grew up, talk like that to a girl’s face in the real world would get you hauled out behind the school having your face punched in.

      This isn’t a liberal issue. It isn’t a “feminist” issue. It’s about not being a piece of trash.

  • Guy

    “eventually leave or lurk in the shadows, rarely revealing their real gender”

    I do this. I am a guy.

    • As long as you don’t claim to be reptilian, it’s all fine. 😉

  • I think perhaps EVE does not appeal to women like it does to men and it’s just a matter of different tastes/ preferences. We know that women can and do play games in large majorities. Just look at market research on mobile gaming for example – women are largely casual gamers and make up the large majority of the demographics for games like Bejewled Blitz, Candy Crush, etc while they shy away from games considered to be more “hardcore” like Clash of Clans and Call of Duty (and EVE Online, clearly).

    I haven’t done any in-depth research on the topic and don’t currently have time to, but I can see that the majority of casual women gamers are in their mid twenties and higher. This, combined with the knowledge that they tend to prefer casual, shorter games, would lead me to posit that these women have other priorities on their plates (perhaps careers or families) and don’t want to commit the amount of time that would be required to be successful in more “hardcore” games like EVE. Let’s face it, you do have to give up something in order to commit the amount of time you need to be successful in games like EVE. So perhaps the trade off isn’t worth it for women. What are they doing instead? I don’t know. It’s an interesting topic, though 🙂

    • Kamar Raimo

      You may be on to something there 🙂

    • My main focus was to point how to keep those interested enough to try EVE playing. I now see that the title may be misleading. But yeah, you do have a point which is no news for me. Thank you for the comment.

      • Fair enough. I took the text as basically saying “don’t be creepy douches and scare women away” so I guess I tried to read into it a little more than that.

        If the question was how do we keep the women we already have playing EVE, I would say treat them like you treat everyone else.

  • Bob Shaftoes

    I wholeheartedly agree with your article. As feminist myself I hate the fact that 95% of my gender , irregardless of their real life age or personality , turn into teenage immature dumbasses when they are protected by the anonymity of the internet. Eve-online in particular has this fairly toxic culture due to the severe lack of women playing and is something I hope that will change in the future

    • I wouldn’t say 95%, it is not that bad. But some do and it is painful to watch.

  • Kann Du

    Thanks for the article, although I do find its conclusions disingenuous.

    People are complicated, social grouping even more so. To boldly claim that you have uncovered the root cause of the gender imbalance in EVE Online after some chit chat and reading comments is naive. A broad range of scientist and doctors have and continue to research the reasons why there are gender imbalances in different professions like engineering or nursing. To the best of my knowledge thus far only theories exist.

    If you have some data that is omitted from the article I would love to see it.

    “Gals are as little as 3.8% of all EVE subscriptions”

    That is low, but what is the percentage of female trial accounts to male trial accounts? If females only make up 10% of trial accounts then the conclusion of males driving them away is false.

    I honestly don’t know what to make of your 4 points of “help” that make the minority of males (49% is a minority) out to be moronic; and the ladies out to be victims that just have to suffer male harassment. Has anyone else witness times were a lone female didn’t take too kindly to another female joining their group and taking the spotlight away?

    No group, be it based on gender, nationality, religion or ideology has a monopoly on asshole behaviour.

    • The numberic data I present are available in CCP presentations from FanFest.

      You missed the point of the article and I believe I used misleading title. I wanted to show what makes ladies trying EVE leave the game and how to keep more of them stay longer.

      I am not pretending to be a scientist or discovering America. It is my point of view and conclusion from my research. Feel free to have your own.

      “Has anyone else witness times were a lone female didn’t take too kindly
      to another female joining their group and taking the spotlight away?” – does your pride still hurt? 😉

  • chimpy

    1-4 seem a bit cliched. Does this genuinely still go on? In online games I play I’m generally seeing respect all around irregardless of sex, disabilities etc…. We have a guy on our teamspeak server who has a really bad stutter, and I have never heard anyone say a single word about it, not once. I just assumed things had moved on. My own guess to the original question is that Eve is very aggressive in it’s pvp competition. It’s very dog eat dog, harsh and unforgiving, and has been marketed like that in the past. I would imagine that aggressive competition would appeal more to males with a dinosaur bloodthirst baked into their DNA than females who are more empathic and caring than males. I know it’s a wide generalisation, but I also know if I tried to get my wife to switch from World of Warcraft to Eve she would absolutely hate it. “Scamming is OK???”

    • chimpy

      I just asked my wife if she would like to try Eve, she said no. I asked why?
      She said “All you do in that game is be mean to each other. Why would I want to play that?” I burst out laughing and then had to explain why 🙂

      • Such a sweetheart. I know a corp she would be comfortable in. 🙂

        • chimpy

          I asked her about how people treated her in WoW. She told me some stuff. She doesn’t see much attitude but she rates herself as low interaction with other people. She did tell me about the one time out of the blue someone whispered her to be her slave. She had him ( I assume it was a him ) do some stuff. After a short time the slave left her because she wasn’t mean enough…. Wierd shit……..

    • “1-4 seem a bit cliched. Does this genuinely still go on?” – well yes, it does.

      “My own guess to the original question is that Eve is very aggressive in
      it’s pvp competition. It’s very dog eat dog, harsh and unforgiving” – yes, it is one of the reasons. It is also seen as a product for nerds, bored engineers and such, even today.

      • chimpy

        I think surely only a female nerd would know that it’s a product for nerds etc…. What I’m saying is that a woman would have to be part of that clique to even know of that reputation, thus rendering her suitable? Sorry that point doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway thank you for your replies. Could you give me an idea of how often you see 1-4 please? Just because I don’t see them doesn’t mean you don’t. I am curious to hear your account of how often you face that kind of attitude, from who etc….

        • 1, 2, 4 in national channel first 2 hours into the conversation? (Just
          FYI my language is much more gender specific than English.) No 1 is the
          most common, I’ve started hearing about it even before I started playing
          EVE. No 3 I was told about and I find it hilarious enough to include it.
          How can being nice be a reason to mock anyone?

          I do not do statistics nor did I do notes from coversations, I’m sorry. But since I was called an SJW I should probably start some more scientific methods of gathering data.

          “I think surely only a female nerd would know that it’s a product for nerds etc….” – I have tried to enourage more of my friends to try EVE and I got responses like “it’s a game where you Excel more than actually play” or “it’s a game for hardcore nerds”. This did not come from nowhere, although I have no idea where it came from. Oh wait… 😉

          • chimpy

            Excel is one of my favourite parts of Eve 🙂

  • Penork

    I actually think Eve online is a great game for women to play but I doubt the approach to marketing and communicating really carries that over,

    primarily Eve is for most people successful when cooperation underpins gameplay and the sandbox with physics approach enables social fluidity and creativity – skills in influencing and collaborating which women are often naturally really good at,

    I’m interested in what women who do play eve over a long period like about it & how they play, and maybe CCP reflecting on how to launch a broader marketing platform to communicate the opportunity. Improving gender balance will just make Eve a better environment all round

  • Screams at Trees

    1. is still pretty true. There is a woman i have been flying with for a good while now and after a recent corp failscade she has decided to follow me to another corp. . as soon as she logged comms the other guys were literally.. just all of point 1. even i cringed when they started up. good work corp-bros.

  • Nami Kumamato

    I’m a “guuuuuuuurl” and I think your posts concerning women and EVE are bollocks.
    If things like “Go make me a sandwich! Why aren’t you in the kitchen?! Are you using your big brother’s account?” make you – as a female gamer – not like the game itself and not play it and/or enjoy it you need to fortify tits +1 and/or HTFU.

    • I’m play the game, if you haven’t noticed. Otherwise what would I be doing in CZ staff? 😉

  • Angus Adalwin

    Another great article, Lililiari. I see that a lot of the comments seem to be making the point that we don’t know exactly what’s keeping girls away from EVE, and that it’s likely to be a variety of factors. I agree. Having said that, the reasons listed in this article are surely going to be a large part of why girls avoid or leave EVE.

    It’s astounding how much of this is just basic respect and courtesy. But the internet’s never been good at either.

  • Talvorian Dex

    The only way to treat a female pilot is as a person whose logi might save your ass one day, whose dps applied appropriately will kill the target before you get popped, and whose intel might prevent you from warping into an enemy gatecamp.

    In other words, exactly as you would anyone.

    This article, in general, though, calls out some easy things that players themselves can do to not sound like complete mouth-breathers and scare away other players.

    What can CCP do to actively attract female players? Are there areas of the game female players don’t enjoy, that they feel are exclusionary, or that they feel miss the mark and can be worked on?

  • blackhuey

    OPs points are certainly valid, but it’s only half the story. Misogynist behaviour will of course drive some women away, but what prevents them signing up in the first place? I’ve not seen stats, but I’d be very surprised if 51% of genuine new player accounts are rolled by women, only for 98% of those to be trolled out by timmies.

    Speaking as a parent of a son and a daughter, they are just different and like different things. We were very cognizant of gender stereotypes and have tried hard to raise them to avoid those, but the fact remains that when they sit down to paint a picture, my daughter paints a rainbow and my son paints an orc. When they play wars with the neighbours, the boy grabs an axe and the girl grabs a bow. They both have equal access to our Lego emporium, and the girl builds communities who all get along, while the boy builds spaceships and siege engines.

    Obviously this is generalised. The consistently top PVPer in my corp is a woman, and she’s a stone cold badass. But do you know where she got her start? In Scythes, keeping people alive.

    Even with conscious parental effort, gender stereotypes creep in through a combination of nature and nurture. And a product that genuinely appeals equally to both is rare but not unknown. Even with these fundamental societal and genetic differences, Eve should be able to appeal, if not equally, at least more equally. Pick a gender stereotype and there is a role in Eve for that.

    But it’s historically been marketed to men, with focus on male stereotype activities. Marketing to women has been amateurish and awkward. Where is the “this is Eve” focusing on diplomacy and community with a badass female logi anchor calling the shots?

  • Barlingwood

    I think there must be something more than the reasons described in this article since these reasons are almost universal to online gaming: pathetic manchildren are everywhere in the online gaming world. Eve though has significantly fewer female players than other online games; something else has to be going on. I have a slightly controversial idea. Eve is heavily dependent on spacial 3D thinking and navigation skills following maps, thinking geometrically etc… Psychological/neurological studies have shown that A STATISTICAL tendency exists (before you flame me as being prejudicial reread upper case words) for women to ON AVERAGE be not as comfortable as men with this type of cognitive activity. Please, dont flame my by overgeneralizing what I say: I am not, Larry Summers style, saying “women are bad at math and science”. This is clearly not true, I am referring to a very specific form of cognitive activity.

  • Peter Ska

    My oppinion is, that
    1. Female gamers meet male nerds’ “boobie-syndrome” in every single game in existence.
    2. EvE players are – statistically – slightly more intelligent than other gaming communities, and definately older, I haven’t met too many teenage game-addict virgin gamers in my eve career.
    40-year-olds are another cathegory though, already divorced or having issues in their marriages, they flirt with anyone IRL and ingame… So the author’s point is not totally invalid.

    Here comes the “but”.
    I met many gamer girls, and invited most of them to play EvE, and 100% of them haven’t even get to the part of joining comms, and meeting other players, and their sexually inappropriate behaviour.

    As citizen of a small country, 1st cause is “I don’t speak English”. Believe me, this is a real problem in my country, and it’s not just about games.
    While many fellow male players suffer from the same problem here, males don’t give a flick about understanding every word or not, if it comes to sci-fi, and spaceships. They engage difficoulties, and get over their lack of skills. Women tend to worry about everything, and protecting their self-esteem is more important than their curiousity, even if they don’t hate all sci-fi stuff beginning with Star Wars and Star Trek.

    Second part is the end of character costumization. It’s not true, that they can’t play enough “Sims” on the characters. My girlfriend spent over 3 hours with the makeup and clothes of an already existing (female) character of mine, resulting in a totally awesome new look. Then they find the captains’ quarters with one corridor, one room, a projector… They check their pod, maybe they get their rookie ship, and… “Mkay, so I’ll watch these ships instead of my character all the time I play? What’s the point of so many details if it’s just a small picture on my info page?”
    And the solution is: “I like to watch my character while I play, instead of these similar ships. Space is also boring, I’ll just stick to those colorful fantasy worlds” – and they go back to wow, lol, and guild wars…

    I have a suggestion too. Let’s go a bit further. All (all, 100%) female EvE players I ever met, were male gamers’ girlfriends, and wives. Really. Haven’t even heard stories, legends, rumors, jokes, or anything about women who started playing EvE by themselves. So anyone who want’s to go to the bottom of this matter, investigate more than just being on comms, when those super rare female eve players join the channel.

  • Frozen Corpse

    Im sure its been said, but dont make the game more female friendly: Stop discouraging females from taking up “Male” pursuits (gaming, sci fi, ganking, etc.). Game is fine, its everyone else that needs a nerf.

  • discussted

    yet another ridiculous article making excuses for why women do not play games writers , or feminists or social justice wackos think women should.

    listen, i joined eve because i was curious of the game. i started and quit 3 times before i started to enjoy it. i didnt expect others to give me a push to play. guess what i did do. i pretended to be a female for awhile and one player gave me free stuff…. because he quit the game. nobody else gave a crap that i was female, we all just played.

    you know what i noticed after playing EVE for years, is that women get preferential treatment. “some” guys make really nasty jokes when they have no idea girls are listening in the game. guess what, i have heard a couple of women in comms say some really sexist and disgusting things when they knew men were listening. but that didnt make me quit the game.

    guess what else i have heard. when the women say sexist or harrassing things on comms it is often supported by some hypocritical idiots. You know, the same guys who are ultra sensitive to what “other” males say that may offend females but they say nothing when females are rude to men. double standard much?

    I am so sick and tired of writers like you saying that “men” are the reason women do not play some game. Then they go on some lame list of things a fraction of the players say that piss off a female players that is the reason why EVE is not 50/50 male/female, right?

    Reverse the genders for a minute. imagine a corp of female players who smack talk other players which they assume are men. guess what happens, THEY ARE APPLAUDED. Do you realize how hypocritical that is? It has happened in EVE, but nobody wrote a stupid article like this about it.

    Bottom line is that the reason more women do not play has absolutely nothing, zip zero to do with how a few stupid boys act in a game. It has everything to do with women who are either OVERLY sensitive to taking shit from men but say nothing when women dish it out (key in double standard). OR that women just do not enjoy the game. let me say that again…that women are not interested in this type of game as men….maybe?

    its that simple. so please stop writing these article about how to get more women in EVE . men owe women NOTHING just to get them to join a fricken game. Stop making discussion about the asshole male gamers when you say nothing about the asshole female gamers just because your agenda is to make EVE from 4% female to 5% or something. Its ridiculous.

    encourage men AND women to be polite dont just throw your lame excuses on the laps of men. women have just as foul mouths as men in games and out of them, just depends when they choose to mouth off or harass the opposite sex with sexist remarks.

    I’m sorry to go off about this but its like this every year, some female writer tries this bullshit about some game and turns it into a gendered thing when being an asshole to others is a HUMAN thing.

    thank you

  • Naughty Cargo

    I find this article both amusing (in that I see what you are talking about) and kinda thought-provoking, in some ways. Personally, I have had all sorts of different reactions to my being a female. The whole ‘OMG A GIRL ON COMMS’ thing used to happen a lot, but I often get more ‘Are you actually a teenage boy?’. Which also amuses me. I have one guy convinced I’m a teenage boy and he finds it weird when I try hitting on him. It’s great fun sometimes. 😛

    Personally, I don’t find it a problem. Like some have mentioned here, as opposed to a game like WoW, or LoL (both of which I have played in the past), EVE is definitely filled with more people with heads on their shoulders. The average gamer age I believe from the last EVE stats was around 30. Hells, I’m a 22 year old flying around with quite a few married and otherwise taken men, and no one bats an eyelid. Most people I meet are past that immature stage, and I very rarely have problems with the people. I find that there is a higher amount of maturity than anywhere else.

    I agree with Mynxee in that its more about the game, and slightly less about the people. I don’t really feel like delving into the mind of a woman, even though I am one, cause that shit’s complicated! But EVE is a game that you can’t half ass into, and I think that maybe women are more inclined to not spend their lives in-game ‘in their mothers basement’. 😛 Or it’s just too complicated. Hells, even I’ve been afk a lot the last few months focusing on real life. I mean, put it this way, now I’m single again, I’m back in EVE. Sort of. But that’s beside the point.

    The outspoken, obvious ones are the ones who everyone knows about, and the overexcited/chauvinistic male has a louder voice, particularly in gaming. I think there’s less than people are led to believe. I know I’m lucky to have found such an awesome alliance to be a part of, and I’m proud to say I’m part of Shadow Cartel, because they are some of the most upstanding people I know. Never had any issues from any of them, and that is awesome. I hope more chicks can find a spot, like me, that they feel comfortable.

    Anyway, that’s just my thoughts, in relation to the title of the article, ‘How to Get More Women Playing EVE’, I got into the game because my boyfriend at the time wasn’t giving me enough attention. He had discovered low sec pirating, and was hooked. So, instead of moping around, I joined the thing that was the problem. 😛 Needless to say, 3 years later, and I’m the one still low sec pirating when I can be bothered undocking. So just ignore her and she’ll either ditch your ass or join you. 😛

    EDIT: Please don’t ignore your girlfriends over a game. It stinks, and makes her feel like shit. 😛

  • Space Kazz

    A friend directed me to this. I am female and played Eve for
    about 5 – 6 years (Eelis Kiy if anyone remembers!). I do think there are plenty valid points here but also that
    the issue is more complicated than just one game – there are cultural issues
    from gaming and the tech industry (and life in general) that feed into all games. It’s hard (for me
    anyway) to think of a way one game can sort out what is a much wider problem.
    Eve is also a niche game which will not help with the numbers.
    Personally, having a good community made all the difference for me in Eve (as
    it has also done in other games). I loved and fully took part in banter that
    other people may have found sexist. I was comfortable with the people I played
    with and we all made jokes at each other’s expense but within a friendly environment where the main goal at all times was to blow stuff up. I was not singled out for being female, although at times it was the
    “thing” that made me different – but other people had their own
    running jokes too. If someone outside of the corp did comment or make a
    “oooh a girl!” comment my corp always had my back. If there were any
    issues for me in Eve it was in feeling compared to other females in the game
    and in my own feeling of needing to prove myself all the time – particularly as
    my other-half played. I was completely independent and funded my own PvP
    lifestyle. However I was always wary of the assumption that I must be doing X
    or flying X because my other half was supporting me, which was never the case.
    Nice article o/

  • wat

    Sry but I have encountered no such behavior in the corp I am in and we have plenty of female players. Maybe you should stop playing with retards?

  • Justin

    Who cares.

  • Jimbo Jones

    No one is going to know that you are a female player unless you specifically go out of your way to tell them you are a female player. Everyone has an avatar… most female avatars are indeed male players. Because Eve online has gender anonymity in this regard, the entire premise of your argument is irrelevant. No one is going to know the gender of the people they play with, so how could they be misogynistic to you?