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During the winter holiday season, CCP traditionally distributes gifts to the players. Some of those are useful, others are just for fun and some refer to in-jokes or game-related events. This year we received a number of the latter. Many players may be aware of their meaning, but especially newer players or those who do not pay attention to daily game related news or the metagame may ask themselves what those gifts are all about, so I decided to sit down and explain all the references to my best knowledge.

Alice Saki’s Good Posting Guide This Item is dedicated to the player who first reached 100K likes on the EVE Online Forums. Alice Saki no longer holds first place but is still among the top three together with Graygor and Krixtal.

Chribba’s Modified Strip Miner Mining formed the basis of Chribba’s vast industrial empire, and rumour has it that he still takes his Veldfleet out to mine every once in a while. His flagship is the Veldnaught, a Revelation class Dreadnaught and the only capital ship that exists in highsec with express permission from CCP. On special occasions it can be spotted in Amarr. This item is a homage to one of the best known and well-liked EVE players who is considered the most trustworthy capital ship broker and has developed several third-party tools like eve-search, eve-offline and eve-files.

Cooking With Veldspar I am unaware of EVE related recipes but my guess is that this item is a reference to the minutes of the 2014 CSM Summer Summit where one whole segment was covered by the NDA and therefore only published as a summary but with the addition of a pasta sauce recipe presented to the attendees by CSM member Steve Ronuken.

Guillome Renard’s Sleeper Loot Stash When the research race started that would determine which Tactical Destroyer gets released first, Rhavas of Interstellar Privateer presented an initiative to have capsuleers collect all the necessary Sleeper Loot instead of giving it to empire representatives. Guillome Renard was the initiator and hoped that CCP would respond with an in-game event if he succeeded in getting the majority of the Sleeper Loot. He was unsuccessful in achieving that result, but CCP acknowledged the effort with this item.

Jump Fatigue Recovery Agent The Jump Fatigue mechanics introduced with the Phoebe expansion was subject of many discussions and not a little controversy. Many players thought the change went too far and among the alternative mechanics suggested was also a drug that could be used to get rid of jump fatigue. That was not implemented, but referenced with this bag of white powder.

Jump Portal Generation Holoreel This is a reference to the Battle of Asakai which occurred in the last week of January 2013. The referenced character, Oleena Natiras, is a Titan pilot alt of Goonswarm FC DaBigRedBoat. He made a fatal mistake by jumping his Titan into a hostile system instead of bridging the fleet that had assembled to be transported there. The resulting rush of players to either kill or rescue the Titan triggered the second largest battle that had happened in EVE to that date.


Manufacturing Union’s Placard The date given in this item’s description is the day of the Crius release which introduced industrial manufacturing teams to the game. Unfortunately this mechanic did not have the impact CCP had hoped for and manufacturing teams will be removed from the game again. Only this commemoration placard will remain as their legacy.

My God. It Is full Of Holes This is of course a paraphrase of the famous phrase “My God. It is full of stars.” which Dave Bowman utters in 2001 when he sees the monolith. It is also most likely a reference to the Thera system which appeared with the most recent release. This unique system has the highest number of active wormhole connections. Also, the amount of wormholes connecting different systems of New Eden and beyond with each other has significantly increased recently.

Polaris Eviction Notice Polaris is a constellation in the unreachable Jovian Space regions. It is the home of CCP Alliance – the playtesting in-game organisation of CCP. The item refers to a mistake where CCP tested the sovereignty mechanics but failed to fulfill all necessary payments. To the amusement of many players they lost sovereignty over their own systems proving that even the developers can’t deal properly with the sov-mechanics.

Pre-Completed CMS10 Ballot Player organisations usually give endorsements to certain CSM candidates from within their ranks but some take it one step further and offer a voting “recommendation” with all or most of the 14 potential candidates on the ballot being preselected. It is unknown whether those who pretentiously assume they have the right to decide for themselves are later “re-educated” to behave like loyal subjects again.

Rooks & Kings The Clarion Call Compilation This item refers to a series of youtube videos which can be considered among the best player-produced PVP clips ever made. Rooks & Kings have long been known for their innovative tactics and highly-skilled execution. Watching all the videos will be enough to keep you busy for a whole evening, but they are definitely worth every minute and Lord Maldoror is indeed a great narrator. You can find the whole playlist here. Especially part 3 and 4 stand out in quality.

SCC Guidelines – Lotteries for Dummies This tongue-in-cheek reference alludes to the SOMER Blink scandal which occurred earlier this year. The SOMER Blink lottery had designed a multi-tiered scheme which would allow them to effectively convert ISK into real money but astute players saw through it and CCP responded by banning the SOMER Blink accounts for TOS violation.

Soxfour’s Spaceboots This is a reference to a time that CCP Foxfour went on EVE TV without his shoes on. All the stream chat would ask is where his shoes were. The next show featured his shoes on the table. Finally, after this event took off, CCP Nullarbor stealthily added a slide featuring a photoshopped picture of CCP Foxfour in socks into CCP Foxfour’s Fanfest presentation. (explanation courtesy of CCP Logibro)

Sisters of EVE Charity Statue When the Philippines were struck by a disastrous hurricane at the end of 2013, CCP started a PLEX for Good donation drive which featured several developers offering to do things like getting a tattoo, having their head shaved or getting shot with a paintball gun upon reaching a certain level of donations. In total 190.890 $ in disaster relief donations were raised.


Sort Dragon’s Guide To Diplomacy Sort Dragon was once the leader of the now defunct Honey Badger Coalition which comprised Test Alliance, Tribal Band, Raiden and Pandemic Legion. Supposedly because of an insult against his significant other at Fanfest by Progodlegend – leader of Nulli Secunda – Sort Dragon decided to declare war on Nulli Secunda and allies. Test Alliance was not behind this war, however, and left the HBC. Raiden and Tribal Band followed, leading to the complete collapse of the coalition before the summer of 2013.

Sort Dragon later went on to cede a number of systems in Fountain to the CFC forces which were then attacking Test Alliance in that region. Certainly an accomplished diplomat.

The Damsel’s Drunk Bodyguard The Damsel In Distress is an agent mission which became a running-gag among players to lampoon the repetitive nature of EVE Online PVE gameplay. How does that Damsel get caught by Kruul over and over again? One has to wonder whether she wants to be rescued at all. Maybe her overprotective parents are just against her having a pirate boyfriend and pay capsuleers to bring her back home? For sure her bodyguard is failing at his assigned task.

The Friend Ship “The best ship in EVE is friendship” is a quote by CCP Guard which has entered common parlance.

The Galactic Party Planning Guide The people referenced in this item’s description are all organisers of player events. Zapawork started EVEVegas, Demetri Slavic took the initiative to set up the EVE London event which grew from a meeting of Veto Corp members and Deirdre Vaal is the initiator of the Dutch EVEsterdam player gathering. Bam Stroker and nGR RDNx organise the Australian event EVE Down Under, hence the joke about their contributions being upside-down.

Titanium Plated Cranial Shielding To the best of my knowledge this item is not a specific reference but a general shoutout to all the people who engage in metagaming conspiracy theories. A tinfoil hat, but then in a more advanced form.

Vincent Pryce’s Disruption Field Generator Another reference to the Battle of Asakai. Vincent Pryce is a Caldari Faction Warfare roleplayer who was patrolling the Caldari-Gallente warzone when Oleena Natiras’ Leviathan jumped into Asakai. Seeing an opportunity, he undocked a Phobos heavy interdiction cruiser which was able to hold down the Titan until other players managed to take over, joining the massive dogpile which had resulted from one player’s misclick.

Wollari’s Starchart Compilation This item is an homage to the creator and hoster of Dotlan EVEmaps which is considered a staple third party service by many players. It is used for tactical and strategic planning, finding fights, plotting routes, building jump-bridge networks and more, by expanding and supplementing the information which can be gathered from the in-game starmap.

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