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Nearly five weeks ago, a little skirmish happened in the system B-R5RB. Since that day, Pandemic Legion has been falling off the radar of many alliances. The loss of 30 Titans would have led to infighting and collapse for many alliances, but that is not the case with Pandemic Legion. As mentioned in the B-Right Side of Life, Pandemic Legion was able to evacuate all assets out of the conquered station. However, everybody just used whatever logistic capabilities were available, as soon as possible. This led to a wide spread Legion. Some moved to nearby NPC nullsec, some moved to Fortress Amamake, and still more moved to random lowsec stations or to the handful of Pandemic Legion sov systems.

It took a week to sort out everyone’s ships and hangars.

Fortunately I had some extra time available, so I collected and moved vast amounts of items to Fortress Amamake. As Pandemic Legion and N3 have engaged in the Halloween Wars, there have been many little fires that had to be put out in our B0T empire, namely Black Legion trying to capture MTO2-2 as well as other alliances trying to annoy our renters with SBUs. Our logistic team put out an incredible amount of work and replaced all carriers, dreadnoughts, and supercarriers within a week of B-R. On the first weekend of February, Pandemic Legion was on the move to LXQ2-T.

Within three days of the move heavy fighting was taking place in Perrigen Falls. Black Legion fell for a Pandemic Legion trap and subsequently lost a Nyx in 4-1ECP. The loss proved enough motivation for Black Legion to call their deployment a day and move to greener pastures. Our ops continued as hostile interference dried up. In the following days, Insidious Empire announced that they would shut down and the remaining sov of EMP would be transferred to Pandemic Legion’s renter alliance. This basically forced us to protect the sov and station transfers while our renting team worked double shifts. As Drones and nearby lowsec ran out of targets, some of our FCs started to create content with Providence members, which allowed for some small skirmishes. Our fishers emptied our fuel hangars while trying to find something for our BlackOps battleships, while many of our members sat back, relaxed a little, and prepared for the NEOII and the first PL Dota2 tournament.


Two weeks ago our renter agents were able to finish most of their work and Pandemic Legion was ordered back to Amamake. Pandemic Legion has a habit of being ready to go nearly instantly anywhere; within 15 minutes of the order, pilots were already camping the Ossogur gate in Fortress Amamake. The much needed rest and recreation time brought Pandemic Legion up to full speed. Monday, new orders were given out; back on the warpath, back on track, right in the middle of the RUS invasion to support NCdot. Some people might have witnessed our move as we jumped into our staging system 1-7B6D.

Elise Randolph > the eve server crashed about 30k dudes

Elise Randolph > because we moved

Elise Randolph > gf

Most of the active fighting usually takes place from downtime to RUS prime; luckily I was able to join a few fleets. Often it is smaller skirmishes with around 250~ pilots in local, like the engagement in ZLO3-V. Timers are created during EURO and US TZ with little to no resistance. The RUS invasion has ground to a halt, and several systems have already been recaptured by N3/PL. All we need to do is keep going.



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