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If you do the same thing day in and day out for an extended period of time, you’ll eventually get burned out doing that thing. After multiple attempts trying out the game early on, my final attempt to get hooked into the EVE universe eventually happened in the middle of 2007. During that seven year stretch I’ve participated in dozens of campaigns, hundreds of individual ops, and been a part of some of the greatest stories ever told in New Eden. Yet today I find my passion for the game is not nearly what it once was. So for the first time in seven years, I will no longer be an active EVE player for the immediate time being. The decision to stop actively playing EVE is pretty easy. The decision to stop actively writing about EVE was difficult. While I’ve had difficulty mustering up the motivation to log into the client, I never had any problems writing something weekly about the game I once loved. But it wouldn’t be fair to the readers to write about something that I’m no longer emotionally invested in. So as of this article, I’m stepping down as a full-time writer at Crossing Zebras. I’ll be staying around in a part-time capacity though, occasionally writing an article when a topic of interest arises. Not that I could quit anyhow, as Xander has told me multiple times that my only way out is death or an eventual pink slip. I enjoyed every second I spent as a fulltime writer; I was originally apprehensive of joining the team because working with friends on a serious project can often be messy. That wasn’t the case with them. The process was incredibly easy and not once was I ever told I couldn’t write about a certain topic. When I wrote an article critical of CCP, Xander had no hesitation in publishing it even though he’s actively working with many developers as a part of the CSM. If I needed an extension for a filing deadline, I was always given it. The ownership made things very accommodating, and I don’t regret for a second joining the team when they approached me last December. Most of my accounts are now unsubbed, save one capital pilot and a subcap specialist in case anything interesting happens. While the continued lack of development on replacing the awful Dominion sovereignty mechanics contributed to my exile, my overall burnout is the main culprit. Even in peacetime there continues to be plenty of content to keep me engaged, yet I still can’t be bothered to log in the game anymore. Even if a massive war broke out tomorrow, I doubt it would be enough to bring me back anytime soon. Many thanks to those that have taken the time to read the bullshit that I wrote every week; you guys totally made it worth it and I appreciated the feedback I got, even if it wasn’t positive all the time. the-vikings-funeral
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