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One of the few benefits of being not in Harpa this Friday is that I can do one of my favourite things in EVE: market speculation! Fanfest is used by CCP to talk about upcoming ideas for future expansions and hard facts for the one upcoming in summer. Last year during the EVE keynote CCP released two devblogs about the Tech nerf, moon goo distribution and ice changes which immediately led to empty markets in all tradehubs. With this year’s main theme industry I expect the same as some CCP devs already hinted at some more details during Fanfest. CCP streams most of the presentations during Fanfest. If you haven’t bought your HD stream already you should do. CCP also hands out some gifts additionally to your code. Luckily I was able to sell both of my “Quafe” shirts as well as the limited Iteron, so my HD stream comes for free. If you followed my guide in Grind Your Standings you are already prepared to maximise profits with your trader chars. Since I recently invested a large amount of ISK into PLEX to keep my accounts subbed for another year my wallet was a little light. So around four weeks ago I started to liquidate some assets and carried out some other market stunts, doubling my wallet. One of my traders is close to Jita, the other in Amarr, waiting for my orders. As I have both of them most perfectly skilled, I can avoid the TiDi in both trade hubs which will create issues during the EVE keynote. If you read this a few hours before the EVE keynote you should catch up on some of the presentations from Thursday specifically – Game Design Panel, Economy: Into the Second Decade and Ship and Module Balancing. The most important presentation is the Keynote this Friday at 17:00 EVE, however the Industry Panel and the CCP PRESENTS! on Saturday may also bring information that can be used in speculation. BdM6O4w We already know a few bits and pieces that CCP will announce during Fanfest. CCP Fozzie already hinted that there are six new ships in the summer expansion. So far we know already know the Prospect, a variant of the Venture. Also there are both of the ATXII prizes – the Whiptail and the Chameleon. The BPCs for those ships were already seeded on TQ with the latest Rubicon 1.4 update. SjQzlwi WvZRRp9 The three other yet unknown ships are probably Mordu’s Legion faction ships in their frigate, cruiser and battleship hulls, a missing faction line. Another screenshot from Sisi shows a typical Mordu’s Legion coloured frigate but it could also be that the art team finally got the time to update the old Condor model and the screenshot shows the updated Crow skin for it. This could lead to another rush for LP for Mordu’s Legion as well as related ship modules. I expect Mordus to be armor tanked EWAR and missile boats, which could also bring an increased value in Legion ECM modules. Recon ships are still on CCP’s todo list, which could also lead to market spikes during Fanfest. Further down the industry line we have already seen speculation starting with isotopes as CCP Fozzie posted changes to fuel comsumption of capital drives, fuel blocks and other POS related items. No matter what is announced at EVE Fanfest I will be glued to the stream like every other year! Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!
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