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Slayer of the couch, The Titillated Tinkerer, and Procrastinator Extraordinaire. I often find myself imagining fending off the annihilation of the world from my two little clones or furthering botanical research into the growth of fungus on couch sloths, but nothing satisfies me like setting fires. Um.. wait. No real fires, well.. I mean those are fun but.. Don’t look at me that way! Yeah… I’m going to go with that. Okay let’s start again.

I’m a thirty­ three year old loving husband and father of two that toils the day away putting out fires “behind” the firewall. I’ve worn the hats of so many industries and so many positions: Fishing, Agricultural, Construction, Development, Services, Factory, Delivery (both children and coffee… No, not at the same time.), Telemarketing, Receiving. After having been nearly lost at sea or chopped in half by a helicopter I took some time to re­evaluate my career path which is what you see before you now. A jack­of­all trades System Administrator with a penchant for Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking.

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I’m a thirty­three year old loving husband and father of two that toils the day away putting out fires "behind" the firewall.