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I’ll admit it. Hi, I’m Otto Bismarck, I’m an EVE Addict. Hi Otto…

All of this rage, Summer of Rage ‘17. Build your bridge and get over it. At no point in time has CCP realistically ever said that the decisions they make would be fair, make sense, or make everyone happy. All that they have ever promised us is that their word is law and what they say goes.

“you can’t please all of the people all of the time”

To quote John Lydgate, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” Simply put, CCP is the hero we need, but not always the one we want. They make unpopular decisions because it might not be game-ruining today, but some day the way that we play, that we will continue to play, finding the optimal optimal path to do a task, will irreparably ruin the game. I personally was on that path. I have achieved the 260mil ratting tick in a Hel. I have a lot of Rorqual alts, and I have an SP farm (PS Ghost Training is an exploit, don’t do it). I was trying to find the fastest and most entertaining way to keep my pockets lined with ISK. The most ISK per click.

Don’t take this article as me white-knighting CCP. I am equally as frustrated as many of you. I was on comms with a friend of mine who went to Fanfest that made 66bil from selling all of his Fanfest ships from all of his accounts. It made me feel frustrated, furious that purely because he went to Iceland he got ‘given’ 66bil. RMT much? Then realistically I personally have been on the right side of metaphorical EVE changes, most of us probably have been too. Speculated on Zydrine? Currently speculating on moon goo? Thinking about hoarding Gneiss? I bought capital SKINs from the YC118 Crimson Harvest, paid under 1bil for each of them, sold them for 10bil+ each.

The thing is this, they are there to maintain the world, balance things as they see fit. Not make you happy. EVE is, and always has been a player-driven story where you get to choose your own adventure. That has always been at the core of EVE. We have space tyrants and people who’s reputation is above reproach. We have people who enjoying mining and space trucking. That is the adventure that they have chosen. We all have to live in CCP’s world, following their rules both physical (mechanics and balance) and metaphorical (EULA breaches).

Originally, CCP said that you would get one ship pack per Fanfest ticket. That has been widely pointed out. However they decided, for whatever reason, that if you attended, all of your accounts will get the ships. I’d hazard a guess, that even if they had only released one ticket per ship, it might not have been so insane for some people but they probably would also made some pretty good bank on those hulls because they would have been rarer.

you’re attempting to appeal to people that have already made a decision

CCP nerfed supercarrier/carrier ratting pretty hard, and they specifically went after the fighter mechanics to do it. Cool. Might not have been the best way to do it. Might not have been handled the best way. However I refer you to one of the statements that I made earlier in the article.  “…their word is law and what they say, goes.” That is the end of the argument. A discussion may take place afterwards, but at that point in time you’re attempting to appeal to people that have already made a decision, based on the evidence that they have at their fingertips, which unfortunately for you is better than what you have.

If something gets nerfed, go find the next thing. Get over it. Go choose your own adventure, find that next hilariously broken thing, and go make a crap load of money before it gets nerfed. Your alternative is to throw your toys out of the pram, rage quit and unsub. However I ask you this, How is you quitting going to specifically make the game better? How is it going to address those fighter mechanic changes?

If anything, all that will remain is people who can, and will live with the changes. There is so much Nerd privilege going around on Reddit and Twitter. The Devs don’t work for you. Yes, they get paid out of the pool of money that your subscriptions go into, but they work for CCP to keep the EVE Online world in balance as best they can, with us constantly trying to make it unbalanced.



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  • Mister Cashback

    o7 wise words

  • Bryan Frye

    One thing my dad always said. ‘Don’t worry to much about the nosy ones’, worry about the quite ones’, the get over it mentally is dangerous. This is why Eve will go out with a whimper of ‘MEH’.

    Edit: You should fight for the things you love. And expect for the love to be returned not mentally/emotionally abused on such a regular basis of, Meh.

    • Aderoth Anstian

      I’m sorry but are you suggesting you suffered mental and emotional abuse because of changes to a video game you play?

      • Bryan Frye

        ^ gas lighting. But please read again if you may.

        • Aderoth Anstian

          Kind of. I’m not questioning your sanity but I am questioning your level of emotional involvement in a video game if it makes you feel like you’ve been abused.

  • Black Pedro

    While I appreciate the sentiment that players should just keep on truckin’ (and they should and just get over it), you have drifted into white-knighting despite your protestations. Only the most self-absorbed cretins are really mad over a slight nerf to whatever income source they have. Most, (ok, let’s say many as there probably more players who lack awareness of the shared sandbox nature of the game than I would like to admit) Eve players are well aware that CCP has to make balance changes from time-to-time for the good of the game. The problem is how poorly these balance changes were handled. The MERs have clearly showed nullsec bounties have been out of control for a year, while the obvious problems with turning the Rorqual into a multiple-Exhumer level super miner were shouted loudly from the treetops. Yet CCP failed to act in a timely fashion to rein these in and therefore has to own most of this discontent.

    Same with Ghost Training. CCP for whatever reason (likely limited resources) prioritized monetization features (alpha clones, skill injectors, PLEX revamp) in the last year or two over fixing, or even declaring as an exploit, a game-breaking bug. Yes, we all know there are complications with the situation and I am sure the fix is non-trivial to implement, but CCP has to own the consequences of their choice of priority. They could have made another decision, but chose not to and players have every right to express their displeasure or decide to end their relationship with the game over it.

    And the CONCORD ship debacle? What can I say. It seems that CCP has forgotten the core concept of Eve Online as well as the storied history of their own game. I’ll venture to say that ever major past player revolt stemmed in large part from CCP forgetting or ignoring that their game is a player-driven sandbox and meddling in it and how power is acquired and distributed. Things like Devs spawning valuable stuff into the game universe for their friends, or proposals to sell ‘gold ammo’. Yet, in 2017 CCP still decides not only to spawn non-vanity items into the game in a completely unfair fashion, but in a way that rewards some of the most detested players in Eve, those being the massive multi-box farmers, SP farmers and worst, the actual exploiters, the Ghost Trainers. Has there been so much generational change in the developer team of this 15-year old game that none of them remember the danger in spawning the cool new things into the sandbox in such an arbitrary and unequal way? Even basic customer relations would tell you it unwise to reward one customer with a single gift, while the one who sat next to them at Fanfest gets a hundred gifts. Is no one paying attention there? It’s a little rich to claim that they are “still learning” how to develop a sandbox game a decade-and-a-half after they started doing so.

    I am not even sure this whole award-valuable-and-useful-items-for-doing-Project-Discovery isn’t going to come back to bite them in a small way. Project Discovery is ‘unassailable wealth’ given its nature and if you start spawning useful ships via some method that it so easily subject to constant grinding while spinning a ship in a station, you may have more balance problems down the road. At this point, I am not even sure there is anyone overseeing the fairness or balance of the sandbox, rather than a bunch of independent teams working on their own future things and not monitoring how newly released things are impacting on the economic balance of New Eden, or just kicking those fixes down the road because they lack resources to put on these festering problems. As far as I can tell, the recent development cycle has just been CCP Quant releasing a prepared report that is promptly ignored by the rest of the developers who are focused on their own pet projects until a large enough noise is made on Reddit or elsewhere that someone has to act.

    TL;DR: CCP needs to balance the sandbox yes, but dammit they could make things so much easier on themselves if they minimized their ham-fisted interventions in the sandbox and acted in a more timely manner with smaller tweaks. Some developer or small team of developers needs to be monitoring and directing economic balance changes on a near full-time basis to catch problems before they reach pitchfork levels, especially in an age of instant respec-ing via skill injectors.

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  • Andreas “ImmO” Pischl

    In recent days, it feels so good to read some calmed down articles like this, among all the hate spread everywhere.

  • cloaky sniper raven

    I feel like sometimes CCP is up in Iceland reading reddit and saying, “Hmmm, Yess!!! Let the salt flow!!! Muhahahahah!!” But I think you are right. We are a worse bunch of crybabies than /u/xerrofoot.

  • Dorian Reu

    Nicely said, Otto. But wasn’t your quote from P. T. Barnum?

    • Merry Christmas Mr Cricket

      “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

  • Merry Christmas Mr Cricket

    I for one am bristling at all the entitled whiny crybabies. It used to be only the HiSec carebear crowd who felt entitled to snap their fingers and have CCP change the game to suit them. Now it seems everyone has jumped on the millennial bandwagon.

  • Hendrik

    I read an article on reddit (“Skill injectors warp balance needs”) saying that many people paid real life money via skill injectors to build up “rorqual mining power” or “carrier ratting capabilities”.

    If this is true and CCP game management earns extra money by selling injektors they can’t nerf the rorqual 2 month later without creating an, in my opinion, understandable degree of dissatisfaction.

    Maybe we are seeing the first major backslash of skill injektors, a controverse game feature which has, until now, been a story of success

    Eddit BTW the article from MukkBarovian on reddit is excellent and i recommend it for everyone who’s interested.