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General Stargazer has been around in Eve since 2003 and has accrued a variety of experience from his colourful history. From helping educate new players in running Eve University, to serving in null sec with the Phoenix Alliance, Morhus Mihi and Band of Brothers.


The one thing in-game that has kept General Stargazer playing and coming back to Eve is the constant developing Lore and the ability for players to interact with it through Live Events. As such in 2010 prior to the Incursion release and Sansha began its Live Events raids on Empire, General Stargazer joined the corp Moira who were spearheading the counter-attacks at the time. Since then documentation and investigation of the developing threats in the universe and Live events has been his main goal, with the added bonus of maintaining combat experience fighting for his Gallentean Allies in the Villore Accords Alliance, in Factional Warfare. Ingame you’ll normally find him in the Live Events channel, waiting to announce the next big event. Out of game he enjoys interacting with the Eve community and spends a lot of time interacting with #tweetfleet on twitter @blind_hope and in the lore and creatives channel on the tweetfleet slack, in addition to creating and editing videos across the Eve Universe. He also has an avid interest in EvE: Valkyrie and was fortunate to finish in the top 25 of the world at fanfest 2015!

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General Stargazer

General Stargazer has been around since 2003 and served in corporations in almost every type in the universe. He has a keen interest in Eve developing story through live events and background in the lore. His pass time in Eve now is more of community interaction, documentation and video making.