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As most of you who listen to the the best Eve Online podcast(TM) know, I work in the UK oil industry on (roughly) a two weeks on, two weeks off rotation. At the moment I am currently on an oil rig working nights. Rather than leaving you all with nothing, I thought I’d put together a wee grab bag of interesting Eve-related stuff I’ve picked up on over the last few days.


First up, apologies to Malcanis, Mangala Solaris and Sala Cameron as well as those candidates who have booked interviews with me but not yet officially declared. I can’t interview you until I get back on dry land as the internet connection out here can barely handle email, twitter or owt like that. You are all top of the list for when I get back followed by the countless others who declare between now and then.

However, please be aware that each of these interviews takes around three hours of my own personal time. If you are standing purely as the impetus for a research project, please don’t be a fucking prick and ask me for an interview. I will be upset.


Regarding the recently announced voting changes… I guess I want to go along with the pack and say the announced official primaries as a ‘thing’ are fucking dumb – they only hurt the guy without the bloc support in that he now has to try and scrape together enough people to vote for him twice – but the other announcements are all improvements, if marginal, on the current system.

That said, Mynnna wants the Chairmanship, Trebor wants it too and I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t at least one or two others who may want a bite at that particular cherry. It’d be disappointing if Mynnna got it purely because of the number of null-sec personnel on CSM8. I think he’d make a fine Chairman but that’s a sucky (if subjectively, entirely fair) way to win it.


Further to our discussion on CZ20 regarding the Eve Uni 317b ISK ‘thing’, Lockefox wrote a cracking wee article over on TMdc you should all have a read of. I’m not going to lie and pretend I understood all of it – there’s a reason Jeg is our IT guy – but he clearly knows what he is talking about regarding this.

I tried to pin down Fozzie on some of these grey areas within the EULA on twitter but he wouldn’t commit. Needless to say, I personally think it’s in everyone’s best interests to clear this shit up before CREST is released upon an unwitting public. Seagull has her work cut out…

Interesting side note here is that HVAC is reporting that Sreegs is leaving CCP for Sony Online Entertainment (basically Planetside 2 I would presume). We don’t have official confirmation of this as of yet nor the reasons but my understanding is that it was all a done deal long before this mess with Kelduum transpired. Indeed, Kelduum works at SOE himself as far as I understand.


Poetic Stanziel wrote a thing.

Seismic Stan replied with a rather telling tweet.

Draw your own conclusions.


Work on the CZ backend continues apace. By ‘continues apace’ read: ‘Jeg keeps on getting frustrated because Xander keeps on asking for cool new shit that Jeg can’t do unless he had infinite hours of development time’. The important thing is that all of the media – photos and pictures – have been ported over to our new server. The new site will come as and when it’s ready. We’ve already had some awesome artwork submissions for logos. You will all be impressed. Trust me on this one.


The first player-organised Syndicate Competitive League event was held last weekend. It sounds like it was a huge success with a lot of hard work behind the scenes from both the organisers and Fozzie himself who worked for free through the weekend despite feeling very ill. The boy is an absolute legend.

One of the commentators, Bacchanalian, wrote an excellent forum post(s) about what it was like from his perspective. It makes for some fascinating reading.


Myself and Jeg have yet to decide who the winner of the PLEX was from the competition on CZ20. I’ll try and touch base with him in the next day or two and pop up a blog post with the winner.


Lots of people have suggested I should run for CSM8. It’s incredibly humbling that any of you would think I could represent you there. Nevertheless, just in case any of you were hoping otherwise, I won’t be standing for CSM this year. My daughter is just too young at the moment and I’m not sure I have the prerequisite technical knowledge to do myself or anyone who would have voted for me justice. Also, it’s nice being the dude who gets to contribute to the CSM process in some small way from the sidelines.


I think that’s it for now. Feel free to pop comments below asking me about anything you’d like covered on CZ in the coming days and weeks whether it be a blog post or on CZ21.

Fly safe,


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