Fast ‘n’ Dirty Ship Guides: Slicer


  One of the best decisions I ever made in the wonderful world of EVE Online was to strike out on my own and learn how to fight solo. I grabbed a stack of assorted frigates and cruisers and headed out to a busy lowsec area in search of fights. At first, the ships exploded quickly and I found myself way behind the meta and continually surprised by the tactics of my foes. But, as each insurance payment came in from a ship loss- I learned. I learned what to avoid and what to engage. I learned when to orbit and when to keep at range. I learned to never use Void ammo. After a few months I became much more confident and realized: it sure would be nice if there were some short videos to give an overview of the ships I was flying and flying against. So I had the idea to make brief video guides for the ships I liked to fly. These are not comprehensive, nor are they going to replace the more in depth and tactical videos out there. (I’m looking at you Chessur and Suitonia.) They are short and to the point and aimed toward the newer player.  If that sounds like something you would be interested in, great! Apologize to Mr. Hyde for selling your soul to the Frigate menace and let’s go find some fights!



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Dectoris is a pilot in a corporation named Carpe Noctem; a group of friends that stayed together after the collapse of Black Legion. They currently reside in Pandemic Legion and take part in many different scales of PVP.

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  • Kamar Raimo

    As an aspiring failure at solo PVP and fan of Gallente ships for the purpose, I wonder why you would never use Void ammo. There has been a fight I had – and actually won – with a blaster fit shield Thorax where Void made it possible for me to get the kill. That was the only time I ever used it, although I always take it with me, but I wonder why you are categorically against it.

    • Dect

      Void gives you:
      25% reduced optimal
      25% reduced tracking
      50% reduced fall off

      Therefore, for a VERY small amount of additional dps you are losing both range and tracking. There will be a few instances where the extra dps may make a difference, but in my humble experience, the negatives do not out way the benefits. I would recommend Faction Antimatter over Void.