Fast ‘n’ Dirty Ship Guides: Caldari Navy Hookbill


Now I know most of us are involved pretty heavily in this the war in the north. As fun as it is watching two thousand squares move in slow-motion, you may need some action to keep your adrenaline fix in the time between fleet fights. I have just the solution for you: The Caldari Navy Hookbill.

  Over the past two weeks I have been trying to figure out this little conundrum of a ship. I’m not necessarily a fan of using missiles in PVP, and I have a Nan Van Doom sort of opinion on Caldari ships in general. Be that as it may, I still had a ton of fun zeroing in on a fit that worked for me and finding fights. Structure tanking a shield ship doesn’t seem like a good idea on paper, but somehow it works! Even though the Hookbill has lower DPS and effective hit points than most of its competitors, it makes up for it in electronic warfare and the several range dictation modules filling up its mid slots.


If you are looking at this fit with skepticism, I don’t blame you. I do encourage you to try it out, you may end up pleasantly surprised. If not, they are only 25 million ISK, so it shouldn’t break the bank. Grab a few and take them out for a spin.

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Dectoris is a pilot in a corporation named Carpe Noctem; a group of friends that stayed together after the collapse of Black Legion. They currently reside in Pandemic Legion and take part in many different scales of PVP.