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This year’s Fanfest had many interesting presentations about the upcoming first sprint expansion of EVE Online, Kronos. While the main theme is industry both CCP Fozzie and CCP Rise get the chance for another large ship rebalance as well as introducing six new ships. My predictios before the presentations last week were correct about the new ships, but I failed on guessing Mordu’s second racial bonus. The Garmur (frigate), the Orthrus (cruiser) and the Barghest (battleship) will be introduced with a missile and tackle bonus, slightly slower than the Angel pirate ships. Details about the stats should be released soon, so nothing else can be said than that these models look absolutely stunning. I am personally looking forward to getting myself an Orthrus. BmpoZABCYAEXHmx.jpg-large The Chameleon and the Whiptail will be the best tournament price ships that have ever been made, however most pod pilots will never be able to get their hands on one. I am looking forward to fighting for them during the upcoming Alliance Tournament XII. That said CCP Bro announced that he left CCP after fanfest. This makes me wonder who will be in charge for EVE’s e-sport events. From all known CCP devs that have been active in the AT, NEO and SCL I don’t see a natural new host – I’d prefer Fozzie and Rise to stay in the commentator booth.
Our vision for titans is to get a vision for titans – CCP Fozzie
The long expected Phoenix boost is coming, just not in a way most people including myself thought it would end up. For a long time the Phoenix has been a structures-only dreadnought because of the flawed Citadel Torpedo and the lack of DPS from Citadel Cruise Missiles. Citadel Torpedos can easily be speedtanked with moving your capitalship at normal speed nowadays and this mechanic will be removed. After the changes the Phoenix still can’t compete with the other dreadnoughts as far as blapping subcaps is concerned. The easiest way for me would have been to change the weapon type from Citadel Missiles to XL guns. On Wednesday CCP Fozzie posted another thread on the forum which revealed the exact numbers. The current iteration looks promising but I don’t get why the Phoenix should remain the only dreadnought that is not able to blap subcaps as all the other dreadnoughts can. This pretty much rules them out of anything else than structure shooting. Additionally, due to the slight buff to the RoF of Citadel launchers, the damage bonus on the Leviathan is reduced. During the presentation the Prospect was also revealed with an interesting feature: a covert cloak. So if you are into mining you can now be covert ops bridged into your mining system as well as move your precious ore safer through low and null without. As a PvPer you can probably find other hilarious way to do some mischief with this little hull, but keep in mind: you must have Ore frigate trained. Great troll, thanks CCP! Some more tweaks were announced to Mining Barges and Exhumers, but that is always a hot debated topic especially with the different interests of gankers and bots. 9WkueWw With Kronos’ reprocessing changes a whole submarket is slowly dying – buying meta 1 to meta 4 modules below reprocessing value. Most of the meta modules are unused due to bad stats, although some meta 4 modules can compete with their T2 variant. As the value is based on their good reprocessed materials the value of those modules will go down – you can already see some signs on the market. This change will also affect mission and anom runners, decreasing their income. To counter this CCP will start to tiercide modules. While details still need to be figured out I can see a positive effect on fitting options in the long run, for newbies and veterans. Also it was mentioned that the meta modules could end up being producible by players in the long term. Screenshot 2014-05-02 14.20.42 Only one question remains: how badass will the new Moa hull look with a Guristas skin?
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