Fanfest: Roundup Part 1


So we start this roundup with an apology. I had wild intentions posting and blogging anything and everything from Fanfest, my fingers leaping over the keyboard to keep those of you not there as ‘there’ as possible. It didn’t happen and I am sorry. The fact is, there simply isn’t enough time. If you want to actively watch each presentation then live blogging becomes very difficult. Most days finished around 7pm when the keynote was done then you had time for a quick shower and food before heading out again. Then followed a night of socialising and debauchery followed by 4 or 5 hours sleep, rinse, repeat.

The fact is that to get the most out of the Fanfest experience, you simply don’t have time to write acres of text each and every day. It blows my mind that Ripard managed to write up daily reports but to do so he must have denied himself some of the more social activities Fanfest has to offer. In the end, this may be the only Fanfest I ever get to go to (unlikely but you never know) and I wasn’t willing to waste an hour there sleeping or writing stuff up if I could avoid it. To compensate, I did try to tweet a lot but it’s hardly the same thing.

Next thing to cover is that every single person I met over the week (with one exception) was amazing. Seriously amazing. The list is huge but includes the likes of CCPs Unifex, Goliath, Fozzie, Dolan, Ingo and Manifest as well as players such as Vici, Sindel, Bagehi, all my Gents brosefs, Seleene, Trebor, Hans, Akely, Dsan, Seismic Stan, Chiimera, Two Step, Ripard, Roc (and his wonderful wife), Mara, Diana from Eve Time Code, Sort Dragon, Marcel (the dude who did Aura), The Mittani and countless others. If you aren’t on this list it’s not because you aren’t awesome – it’s more likely that my memory is ruined my so much alcohol and so little sleep. What I’ll remember most about Fanfest 2013 in years to come aren’t the presentations (as awesome as they were) but the people I got to meet and have fun with. The stories and anecdotes that I’ll be telling people for a very long time. Geeks and nerds have a reputation for being anti-social or inept – a trip to Fanfest will show you that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

On top of this, so many people stopped me and said ‘Hey, you are Xander right? Love the podcast!’ purely based on my voice. This is an entirely freaky experience but utterly awesome at the same time. It’s amazing to think Jeg and I have carved our own wee niche in Eve in the past 12 months.

Without further ado, let’s try and break the Fanfest experience into a day by day thing starting as is traditional, with day one.


Day One – Monday 22nd April

There is only one flight that leaves Scotland to go to Iceland and it flies out of Glasgow. Because I live in the arse end of nowhere combined with the fact that my wife needs the car, I faced an eight hour coach ride to get there. This went slowly but uneventfully and Jeg met me in Glasgow. We headed to the hotel, grabbed something to eat and recorded CZ23 with Poetic Stanziel. An early night relatively when faced with a very busy day ahead…


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