Fanfest 2016: Lore and Backstory Roundtable


Lore and Backstory Roundtable following the Amarr Championship final. Featuring one of the ISD Mercury (player volunteer backstory/lore writers), CCP Delegate Zero, CCP Falcon and CCP Affinity, dubbed “Team Murder Services”.

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About the author

General Stargazer

General Stargazer has been around since 2003 and served in corporations in almost every type in the universe. He has a keen interest in Eve developing story through live events and background in the lore. His pass time in Eve now is more of community interaction, documentation and video making.

  • AkrasjelLanate

    Death to Khanid 😉

    Thanks for the recording, voice could be better.

  • Slart

    Whoever recorded this needs to do a better job. It goes from “what the hell are they saying” to “haha you’re deaf because they decided to clap and laugh, screw your hearing”.

  • Bless you for recording this as I was late and missed half of it. Thank you to the Capsuleer that gave me his seat for this old man. 🙂