Fanfest 2013: Merging Economies




Right, Jeg and I are buggering off to meet people before showering and stuff before the Charity Dinner. Will try and liveblog much more often tomorrow.

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Quite a short lecture in the end. Both economists are finished and we are moving onto questions.





Dust players have already used 600 trillion ISK. Total amount of ISK in the Eve economy is 650 trillion ISK.





The transfer tax rate will be adjusted dynamically. Could be years before we see unlimited ISK and trade transfer.





Eventually, unrestricted cash transfers and unlimited trading.





After this, trade of some items between the two economies will be allowed but only in a very gradual process.





ISK transfers from Eve to Dust will be taxed.





One of the challenges is there must be incentives for players to move goods between the two economies. There needs to be a Common Monetary Policy. Comparison with the EU Zone / the Euro.





Can’t give too much control to players until player behaviour has been very closely analysed and understood.





Things are going to change for Dust substantially once the market is controlled by the players and not NPC / CCP





Interesting graph showing exactly how much ISK players earn per day with spikes at significant events such as Retribution and Dust 514 open





Needs to be a balance between the value of items in Dust and the amount of ISK that is being transferred from one economy to the other





Nice little cartoon shot from Zero Punctuation to try and explain his argument





First step for integration of the two economies is the allowed transfer of link from Eve to Dust





There has to be a direct comparison between the value of ISK destroyed in the economy and the ISK rewards for players





Dr Gudmundson handing over the discussion to Eino Joas to discuss the specifics





Nice little joke – comparing the economy of Dust with that of Iceland. Cue applause and laughter





Eve has had 10 years to establish its economy while the Dust economy is still in its infancy – large country vs small country concept





Eve and Dust will be the largest integrated game economy in Earth





Discussion on how the Dust 514 economy will interlink with the economy of Eve





Discussion on the Macroeconomic system of Eve and how ISK rotates throughout the game





Both Dr Gudmundson and Eino Joas have introduced themselves


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