FADErian’s Wall Shattered


For years, Fade has stood as The Imperium’s Southern tripwire region with its space walls and forts manned by howling monkeys. That was before the dark times; before Aegis sov. This week, those walls came crashing down and the gates opened to Deklein.

After a month of heavy assault on what was once the Hadrian’s Wall of The Imperium, the final timer in the Fade region has fallen to the Money Badger Coalition (MBC).

MBC fleets, mainly comprised of Pandemic Horde (PanFam), with Pandemic Legion (PLIRC) capitals backing them up, managed to grind Imperium controlled Fade and SMA into dust. They cleared a staggering 120+ timers and destroyed untold fortunes in a little over a week – no small feat by any measure.

Weaponized boredom isn’t practical for anyone

The Imperium outlined a detailed defensive strategy in The Mittani’s April 5th CEO Update. It called for a shift in vulnerability windows to the hour with the lowest number of players online, 07:00 EVE standard time.

The Imperium’s fleets would withdraw to Saranen and use Swordfleet interceptors and Siegefleet bombers to harass and frustrate the MBC, deteriorating their main doctrine fleets, logistics capability and will simultaneously using a Fabian Strategy.

“SpaceMonkey’s Alliance (SMA) was the primary sov holder in the Fade region. However, their ability to defend the region was doubtful from the outset.”

SpaceMonkey’s Alliance (SMA) was the primary sov holder in the Fade region. However, their ability to defend the region was doubtful from the outset. While the alliance started off strong, SMA were unable to defend the space themselves and with the operations to restage in Saranen well underway, and a focus by GSF on prosecuting vendetta against Circle of Two (CO2), help was not coming. The best that those in Fade could hope for were delay actions and safeguards from The Imperium.

Those delays, much like SMA line members, were shoved into the open mass grave of Fade when the critical jump bridges from the south that allowed fleets to rapidly deploy northward were snapped. FCs found themselves cut off from easy access to the northern regions and interdicted by MBC fleets and even PL supercap fleets.

The takeaway from this is that the strategy of weaponized boredom and the misapplication of Fabian Strategy led to a situation where The Imperium and allies alike got burned out on endless siege and ‘ceptor fleets. The size of your alliance doesn’t matter if they aren’t showing up for the small ship fleets. Fabian Strategy only works if your enemies will gets broken and your allies will remains intact.

Leadership, dismissing the war in favor of media metagame

The Mittani and Sion Kumitomo in particular seemed more focused on the gaming media metagame than the actual war in the past weeks. They appear to have spent a lot of energy bickering publically and privately with CCP employees over the World War Bee name and related in-game character backgrounds.

They’ve taken it upon themselves to accuse CCP Games of bias toward the /r/eve community, and EVE gambling sites – going so far as to throw about wild accusations of criminal activity via “unsolicited” proxies in gaming media.

The accusations of criminal misconduct have since been soundly debunked by Noizy after he did some very basic research into the matter and found out that IWantIsk has nothing to do with Florida but is in fact incorporated in the state of Arizona.

Never go full Gevlon. Never.

“Fade was lost in part due to an overemphasis on the media metagame and hubris on the part of The Imperium leadership.”

It has to be mentioned that Fade was lost in part due to an overemphasis on the media metagame and hubris on the part of The Imperium leadership. It’s one things to tell yourself as a leader that the sov holders don’t really matter and that you evacuated all of your stuff months ago. It’s quite another to make sure your own assets are evacuated and fail to inform your own alliance, or partner alliances that they should evacuate until the war is on their doorstep because of an oversight and failure to prioritize.  

Fizzlesov and the futility of nullsec staging

“Fizzlesov”, as it is known to The Imperium, is like a game of whack-a-mole designed for man-children with short attention spans. The false expectation is that Fizzlesov is like Dominion, which is how the MBC appears to be playing things. It is outdated thinking. Gone are the days of a pseudo-Risk that was a hallmark of Dominon, where conquest was absolute and virtually permanent.

Presently, a station can change status rapidly. It may be secure one day, only to be freeported in 48 hours, then flipped again in another 48, while any Ihubs and TCUs trade hands every 48 hours. This means the defender puts much more on the line as a sov-holding entity in the vomit-inducing nightmare that is Aegis sov. Those who recently took sov in Vale of the Silent are finding this out now as The Bastion (BASTN) counterattacks.

The fact is, most major powers in their right mind would avoid staging in conquerable nullsec stations under the new mechanics, and sov is of nearly negligible importance.

Smug, Angst and Fairweather Allies

Smug levels in the MBC have reached ‘His Regards’ levels. The Afghan tribal warlords of the MBC are now in control of Fade, but said control is not cemented. The alliances who gained sov must figure out how to divide and defend it from a relentless enemy that is hell-bent on revenge. They also have to look over their shoulders at allies, who are at best, in an already strained pact where the only mutual interest is the destruction of The Imperium.

Given that Northern Coalition and Pandemic Legion are doing nearly all the true heavy lifting in World War Bee, is this was really sustainable for the MBC as a whole?  

The MBC’s actions when viewed in this context of Fizzlesov are little more than ‘haha made you form’ combined with a touch of revenge from the same tired figures in NC., PL, and TEST. The Imperium has fought these entities repeatedly for years. This may be amusing in the short term, but it isn’t sustainable anymore than Fabian Strategy is.  


The Forging of the Goonhammer

The big question is, will The Imperium be able to recover this time as it has before? Or given the changes to the sov system, does it need to retake sov in the outdated sense of the word? I believe The Imperium already has recovered and will retake sov at a time and place of The Mittani’s choosing.

The Imperium has a strong core of capsuleers who are actually united. It has faced these sorts of defeats in the past, but it is renowned for coming back even deadlier than before. They still retain impressive funding, a vast number of sub-capital assets, a robust capital and supercap fleet left practically untouched by the war thus far, and thousands of capsuleers willing to play the long game that a true hellwar requires.  

“Propaganda is created as a tool to influence the masses and drive them into doing or believing things that don’t really benefit them at all.”

The sov war is little more than meaningless angst on the part of the MBC. Propaganda is created as a tool to influence the masses and drive them into doing or believing things that don’t really benefit them at all. The sheer volume of propaganda distributed via Reddit in the support of the MBC should tell you all you need to know about this war. The current conflict in the northeast doesn’t mean a lot but the MBC wants The Imperium rank and file to think it does.

As of 23:51 EVE time on April 12th, the Goonhammer has been forged and the promised hellwar is upon the enemies of The Imperium. The Goonhammer is very likely to show the space warlords of MBC the frivolity of World War Bee. By breaking up the band that was The Imperium as a coalition, the MBC has only aided the forging of the Goonhammer super-alliance.

Everyone take a shot now because The Imperium is not only planning on twisting the knife, but breaking it off against the bones of their enemies. It’s spring and fighting season has arrived for The Imperium. Old allies such as SMA and FCON may be folding, but the core of The Imperium holds.

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About the author

Viktor Fel

Viktor is currently a member of Goonwaffe, and has actively not existed in the Reavers SIG since its founding in 2014. His EVE hobbies include aborting baby titans, making renters miserable, mass murder in space. You know, just Reaver things.


    woah that article was so weird, it started out factual and then slid into mittanispeak lol

    • Ethikos

      Yes, so much this.

    • Viktor Fel

      Oh, I’m sorry I disappointed you with an article that didn’t easily fall into one camp’s narrative or another’s Jeff. MICE is at play all over in EVE right now.


        woah calm down m8 i never said i was disappointed

      • grr gon

        I literally thought someone accidentally copied over a section of Mitten’s War Update halfway through (I had to go back and check to see if it was word for word quotations). Some of the paragraph almost exactly repeat his talking points. It’s not a bad article, but there is a weird disconnect between the first and second portions.

        • Joseph Blade

          This… I kept backtracking to find quotation marks.

      • Angus Adalwin

        “didn’t easily fall into one camp’s narrative or another’s”

        “The sov war is little more than meaningless angst on the part of the MBC.”

        “the Goonhammer has been forged and the promised hellwar is upon the enemies of The Imperium.”

        “Everyone take a shot now because The Imperium is not only planning on twisting the knife, but breaking it off against the bones of their enemies.”

        Viktor, the first part of your article was great, and then it was like the Mittani jumped into your body like an Agent from the Matrix. You started spouting propaganda straight from his speeches. It’s honestly like we aren’t playing the same game.

    • callduron

      Yeah I had to check if I’d accidentally clicked a link to a different article.

  • Rob Kaichin

    At this point, Viktor, you should just go post on TMdC.

    • Dirk MacGirk

      Haven’t you opined about bias and how CZ is not? Or are you advocating for CZ to become the MSNBC to TMC’s Fox News? But wait, that would make EN24 CNN and that just can’t be right.

      • Rob Kaichin

        Surely my comment should be taken as an observation of Viktor’s quality of posting?

        Hobby journalists they may be, but it seems that almost all of the other articles are (as Xander says), accurate, with good spelling and grammar and enough space for the writer’s opinions.

        I actually thought EN24 *was* MSNBC, and if it isn’t right now, I’m shocked!

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        No one watches CNN so actually it’s spot on

      • BBC please. We have standards.

  • Rob Kaichin


    Didn’t you say that one of the essential elements of a Crossing Zebras post was accuracy?

  • Saint Michael’s Soul

    “Never go full Gevlon. Never.” *giggles*

    • Sorrowsbane

      Hilarious that these days Gevlon appears saner than Mittani

  • Saint Michael’s Soul

    No-one’s expecting to keep any of this sov long term (or even wants it really). Wiping GSF off the map is more than enough fun in the short-term and was unexpected when we started but feels almost inevitable now.

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    Why isn’t it called the ImpriumHammer?

    Doesn’t GoonHammer suggest it is only Goons fighting the war and not other CCP customers in non-Goonswarm Alliances that are also valued members of the Imprium.

    Can someone make a public apology for this please?


    PS – very good article I really enjoy your stuff

    • schrodingers cat

      Yes someone needs to apologize to the other remaining imperium member alliances. Whose left by the way. Razor yes someone needs to apologize to razor as soon as we can find them

    • Dirk MacGirk

      I enjoyed it too. Although I now giggle at the people thinking that it is biased and unworthy of the mantle of high journalism proffered by other CZ writers. FFS people its a game, they are all just hobbyist writers.

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        you and I have perspective trained to V – a rare skill in eve.

        • Niden


      • Kamar Raimo


  • Judus Prestly

    Go ahead with your mega alliance,.. Fozzie warned you .. I will laugh again

  • Lucinda Bassett

    Naaaaaaah. Goons don’t get to be nostalgic over dominion, a system they hated with a passion and did everything to destroy.

    When sov was redesigned goons demanded

    – sub cap supremacy
    – no more apex force
    – occupancy Sov

    And they got alllll of it. Endie as goon CSM even suggested a sov hacking ship (later became a hacking module). So no, this is your system, you deal with it now.

    • JuliusCesarian

      Thank you! Most players in EVE are unaware of facts like these because is convenient for everyone involved to keep them hidden.

      Goons have been treated like special snowflakes for far too long and it was a choice by CCP among the rest. They are not the only group of course, although the they have been the most influential.

      Thing is everywhere someone gets a special treatment, things get ugly sooner or later. Either for the snowflake or for everyone else.

  • Viktor Fel

    To the readership: I’m sorry that my article does not fit nearly into taking some side in this war, but points out merits and flaws, good and bad in both sides having to do with the fall of Fade.

    I’m not anyone’s shill. Not The Imperium;s and not the MBCs.

    • Kir

      That is true for approximately the first half of this article. You don’t go “grr MBC” after that, but you do “grr CCP” hardcore.

      • Rob Kaichin

        I don’t know, Afghan Warlords was pretty good. The emphasis on “they’ll be back stabbing each other by Thursday” is where he falls into the ‘grr MBC’ line, along with his statements about how Goonswarm is ‘relentless’.

        But, I’m told that sov is meaningless, so I guess the MBC losing their sov will be meaningless too!

        I wonder if Mittens has thought of that.

    • Kevin B.

      As someone who doesn’t play EVE, so who doesn’t have a side to be on, but is just here as a spectator, the break in the article’s tone halfway through was really jarring. You didn’t come across nearly as impartial as you think you did.

    • Joel Mackey

      “I’m not anyone’s shill.” LOL, man my sides hurt, do you do parties?

    • Niden

      Man, I may not agree, but this kind of writing takes balls. Most people will just sing along to whatever song happens to be playing at the time.

  • Thomas

    Lets revisit this post in a week and see how well this ‘goonhammer’ started.

    My personal bet is Goonswarm still won’t have undocked, but that’s the good thing about it, we don’t need to be biased, we just need to wait and see 🙂

    • Viktor Fel

      I will be revisiting Goonhammer in 1 to 2 weeks. See if the hype matches the actuality.

      • Kamar Raimo

        I am not holding my breath. I do not believe the Imperium or Goons will be killed easily. I also do not believe for a moment that they can muster a sustainable counter-offensive now.

  • Chief Gumbo Speaker

    So essentially “Our leadership has their heads so far up their own asses they don’t seem to have a clue as to what is actually happening in the game” But “real soon now we will get our shit together and make you all pay”

    Gonna need some actual leaders who actually play eve for that. Best of luck, I for one do not want this to be over for months, if not years.

    • Rpa Speek

      Than Imperium really needs to get some actual leaders, because the way this is going…
      They’re not gonna be around for much longer.

  • RussianSOBR

    “The Imperium has a strong core of capsuleers who are actually united. It has faced these sorts of defeats in the past, but it is renowned for coming back even deadlier than before.”

    When has the Imperium ~faced these sorts of defeats in the past~?
    What times have they been coming back even deadlier then before?

    This is the type of bullshit narrative you make up because there is no story besides “another 2000 CFC members left the CFC today”.

    But please, dont let me sperg out your thread, please answer my two questions.

    • Viktor Fel

      In the Book, the actually good one this is outlines well in the “Eight failed dreams” section of the book. All this has happened before and it will all happen again – in Cloud Ring even haha.

      The Great War, which happened after the failings in Cloud Ring, et al. The CFC is dead, actually so ids the Imperium as it existed in 2015. It’s as dead as Trotsky after his arguments with the other party bosses.

      • Goon spin

        You can’t honestly expect us to take what you say seriously when you’re talking about your own organization, an organization that is known to pump out propaganda like it’s oxygen.

        • Kamar Raimo

          Are you calling Goons plants or plankton? Because those are the only organisms that pump out oxygen.

      • RussianSOBR

        What are you talking about?

        When has the Imperium faced these sorts of defeats in the past?
        When has the Imperium came back from loosing half its members and 80% of its space?

        We all know you cannot answer this, because we all know the answer is never, and that your article is in parts fantasies you made up and should not be posted on CZ.com.

      • Jarhead

        so the book exists? without the $100,000 to pay for a writer? what did they need the kickstarter for if the book was already pre-written?

  • Hi. Since my name was brought up, I’d like to offer a slight correction. I didn’t write that I WANT ISK is incorporated in Arizona. I wrote that the server infrastructure that I WANT ISK uses is hosted in Arizona. As far as I can tell, the proprietor of I WANT ISK no longer operates a company, unless a sole proprietorship counts as a company. The company listed on his website no longer exists, except for a technicality in Florida law. I believe the only reason that the company and his RL name are listed on the website is due to the way he copyrighted the I WANT ISK name, but you would have to ask Eep to be sure.

    Viktor did accurately summarize the main point of my post. It’s pretty hard to break laws in Florida when you don’t live, work, or do any type of business there.

    • Viktor Fel

      That was my fault, I apologize for the misreading.

  • Goon Spin

    – Reads article, seems reasonable for a while
    – Starts becoming very unreasonable
    – Starts becoming Goon propanda
    – Checks author; member of Goonwaffe.

    Ballerina training seems to be a prerequisite for being a Goon author.

  • Rolfski

    You’re clearly underestimating this war’s importance of propaganda in this article, that in itself at some point deteriorates into just another obvious propaganda piece.

  • Kamar Raimo

    “a robust capital and supercap fleet left practically untouched by the war thus far”

    likely to remain untouched and undeployed because of sheer risk-adversity. Even at B-R the Imperium did not deploy the full strength of their supercap force. At this point I think they have missed the boat. Even if they had supercap superiority in numbers, they would not be able to beat their opponents who are well practiced in supercap warfare … supercap warfare that happens on a disjointed level.

    The Mittani keeps talking about “these guys” wanting a reprise of B-R that they can win, but I think *he* is hoping for a B-R that *he* can win. Because * he* didn’t win the last one.

    Also, there will be no more B-R, and his enemies have internalised that realisation more than he has at this point … at least judging by his proclamations which should always be taken with a grain of salt.

  • callduron

    Viktor, thanks for putting this out there. I think a lot of people outside the Imperium are genuinely confused about why so many people are sticking with a coalition that seems to have failcascaded.

    You make it clear that there’s a faith that an exciting resurgence will happen and Goons will lead the loyalists to an epic and gratifying final victory.

    While I don’t think this will happen I can admire you for trying.

    • Viktor Fel

      You know, it’s be a full on Op-Ed, but maybe I think that may be my next article. We may win or lose, but I think no matter what happens that side, the line goonwaffe/GSF op-ed of why I stay with GSF when I have options out there to be elsewhere.

      • fdasfds

        You’re not going to win anything with the current state of goon morale. NCdot and PL were warping lone titans at zero on goon staging station in Saranen to dd carriers playing docking game, and 600 goons in station refused to undock. It’s depressing.

        I let all my alts’ subs lapse, but back in the days, between me and a friend of mine, we could undock 2 dozen dreads and nuke the lone titan faster than NC./PL can warp 2 dozen titans onto grid to dd them all. That titan is a fish stuck in a barrel for 10 minutes, yet 600 goons kept to their ship spinning.

    • Viktor Fel

      Even if we are crushed underfoot, I am happy every time I log in and there is some REAL conflict going on in EVE. It’s a team effort on all sides to drum up this much propaganda, fleets, general eagerness to shoot each other in space that makes EVE truly and experience that is the envy of every other MMO out there.