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While playing EVE is all well and good, you really haven’t experienced what this hobby has to offer until you’ve been to an EVE meetup. EVE is real, and one of the best places to experience that has been EVE_NT in Nottingham for years now. And let’s face it, it’s the only kind of gathering where your internet spaceships nerd cred actually matters IRL. The bi-annual event is one of the biggest in Europe and is now extended to two days of alcohol-fueled EVE madness.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket can enjoy the following:

  • Movie and games on Friday night
  • Food and drinks offers available all day
  • Attendance by CCP game developers
  • Playable demos of  EVE Valkyrie & Gunjack
  • Games on several screens
  • Presentations by players and game devs
  • EVE Online tournament with BIG prizes
  • PLEX for early arrivals (limited to the first 100) sponsored by EVE-Bet
  • A beer with every ticket, courtesy of EVE-Bet
  • Charity raffle with lots of prizes
  • Board games, card games and more

Yes, you read right, you get a beer and a PLEX just for showing up on time!


EVE_NT is now a two day event, with people getting together on the Friday for movie night (don’t worry, Nashh told me what movie and you’ll like it, guaranteed).

The tournament is one of the main events of the entire gathering, with the commentators (well known names such as Bei ArtJay and Apothne on the mic) and competitors right in front of you on the main floor of the Antenna venue. It’s a great atmosphere and you get to cheer and laugh as the contestants pull off amazing feats or fuck up royally, respectively, all while enjoying a beer from the excellent bar.


If you’re feeling particularly ballsy, you can compete yourself! Don’t worry, the others have had a pint or two as well. It’s a load of fun and you stand the chance of winning gaming gear for a whopping £2500!

Upstairs, there are a number of rooms in which presentations by both players and devs are held, as well as one where you can try out some Valkyrie and Gunjack. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try them, I strongly suggest you do.

If you fancy a flutter, I’m told the poker game held every event is top-notch. Waste your ISK or win big, and have fun doing it! The buy-in is in the billions of ISK, so #nopoors.

The next EVE_NT kicks off in less than two weeks, on Friday the 23rd. If you’re able, do yourself a favor, get a ticket and show up. #EVE_NT is one of the best player-run events in the world and should not be missed.

Check out the details and get your tickets here before they’re sold out!

Hope to see you there.


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