#EVE_NT Announcement


The third installment of #EVE_NT is upon us; September 19th – and the hype is building!

With tickets sold out a month before the event, its popularity is increasing with every installment. The guestlist now well exceeds 190 people and includes lots of big names from the EVE community. If you didn’t get a ticket on time, don’t despair, the next one is in February! A quick reminder for those attending is to be there early, as only the first 100 attendees will receive a free Plex and a beer, courtesy of headline sponsor EVE Bet.


EVE Valkyrie will be attending again this time around and CCP will also bring the much hyped EVE Gunjack for punters to try out. Bei ArtJay (Ministry Of Inappropriate Footwork) with the help of Bob Shaftoes (The Camel Empire) and various guest commentators will be running the 64 man EVE tournament in the main bar and restaurant. The format will be similar to last time; 2v2 knock-out and with prizes totalling an impressive £2500, generously donated by sponsors; Plantronics, Chillblast, CoolerMaster and Razer.


Additional content is provided by several speakers (including CCP), personalised beer bottle printing by Vedett, charity raffle and a VIP Poker tournament hosted by EOH Poker. The Poker tournament has a buy-in of 10 billion ISK and all the proceeds plus additions from EOH will be distributed to the winners, to sign up please visit EOHPoker.com.

Attending the event will be CCP devs: CCP Guard, CCP Fozzie, CCP Discord, CCP Curtis and CCP Ruffige.

The evening will be closed off in style by your favourite bartender Joe Blow as him and his rag tag band will perform classic rock songs to the hardy crowd that can still hold on after a day’s worth of excitement!

For those of you that are unable to attend, Crossing Zebras TV will be broadcasting live from the venue!


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#EVE_NT organiser, lowsec -10 scumbag, blogger and altogether great guy. Starting EVE in 2007, Nashh has been a pirate for most of his years and currently flies with the Bastards.