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Introducing EVE101.com – Crossing Zebras sister site dedicated to the new EVE Online player. EVE 101 helps you get started in the game with easy to understand video tutorials and guides.

EVE 101 began as a video series project by Hendrick Tallardar here on Crossing Zebras. He set out to create video guides that help new players get over those initial hurdles that see to many quit the game in frustration. As more videos were added to the series, covering base concepts, skills, ships and drones among other things, it gained critical acclaim and recognition from the community as well as CCP. In an effort to concentrate all this knowledge and make it easily available for those new to EVE Online we have launched EVE101.com. Based on Hendricks original idea and continued hard work, we plan to expand the site with written guides and tutorials to go along with the videos.
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