Eve Nottingham: Nashh Kadavr

The CSM9 Summer Summit is now complete and it was the most intense and interesting experience I’ve had in Eve yet. And while I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t say it was ‘fun’. On the other hand, I achieved nothing at Eve Nottingham last weekend apart from one important thing – 15 hours of craziness, humour and downright debauchery with 120 other Eve players. I had been made aware that Eve Nottingham (soon abbreviated to EVE_NT for all the social media types) was happening when some of the other members of Zebra Corp were going to go. I was pointed to the thread on the Eve forums and put my name down for what sounded like a fairly interesting event. What it ended up as was an incredibly professional and smooth event with heaps of giveaways, free PLEXes, free drinks, guest speakers (including yours truly), camera crews, raffles and gaming contents. And on top of this, the event was free to attend. I sat down with event organiser Nashh Kadavr of infamous lowsec group The Bastards to for a quick interview¬†about the organisation that goes into an event like this: Eve Nottingham_ Nashh Kadavr.mp3 GAMERS It’s clear from being at the event and speaking to Nashh afterwards that a colossal amount of work went into keeping a bunch of Eve players entertained, fed and watered for 12 hours. A huge thanks¬†must go to the sponsors all listed on the official EVE_NT website. The next EVE_NT is planned for 7th Feb 2015 and I know I’ll be there come hell of high water. Make sure and meet me there! Fly safe, Xander
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