EVE Nerds play D&D Episode 7


Apothne and his merry band of adventurers – Grath Telkin, Nystrik, Kyle Aparthos and Crass Kitty are back after RL kept them away from their magical lands of fantasy, back for another D&D adventure! If you want to check out what folly our group of ‘space-important’ people get into, between cackles and launghs, check out the video below. You can also search the page for Celestes adventure.


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Apothne is a proud member of Sniggerdly and an experienced roaming FC. He is a Guest FC and Lecturer for EVE University and anyone who invites him to ramble on their comms for a few hours. He is currently one of the most active and experienced player commentators for EVE Tournaments, including hosting and casting AT XII-XV and all #EVE_NT leagues, as well as the Amarr Championships on stage at Fanfest 2016.