EVE Media Roundtable

I was fortunate enough earlier today to represent the CZ team at a new project being put together by Dirk McGirk. In an effort to bring together, in one place, voices from across the broader EVE media community, Dirk’s put forth a proposal to have the community host, for itself, occasional moderated roundtables on particularly notable topics. The idea here isn’t for any one site to run anything, but for all of us to put our opinions on a clear topic, all in one place, and to give us an opportunity to discuss issues directly with one another, in a moderated environment, rather than simply spar back and forth (or agree, from a distance) through disparate blog posts, news articles, radio shows, and podcasts. Xander, Niden, and I all thought this sounded awesome. Xander’s stuck in the north sea (where I hope he stays) and my schedule was free, so it fell to me to attend this first discussion, whose topic was the CSM. Note that the topic was the CSM as an entity and an organization – this wasn’t meant to be (and mostly wasn’t) a discussion of the CSM as individuals. We discussed three key questions – what do we think the CSM is, does the white paper manage community expectations of the CSM effectively, and lastly, do we each believe the CSM is a positive, negative, or irrelevant force in the EVE world today. What follows is the hour-long discussion, moderated by Dirk McGirk, that ensued. Thanks to Wiggles for tech work, and to all the other attendees for their insights and opinions.

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