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I’ve played games on stream many times. I’ve never played a game that has changed my career, or potentially changed my life. I’ve never played a game that has changed how I behave in my broadcast, or what I’m doing in my off time. I damn sure never considered myself as a journalist.

My name is Ashley, but I much more commonly go by Crasskitty. I’m a partnered broadcaster on Twitch. If that’s all gibberish to you, I play video games and interact with the people who watch me on a live broadcasted stream. For the past year and a half I’ve been streaming, either bingeing on or bouncing from game to game, constantly searching for the next one that would suck me in and allow me to lose myself completely. In the past nine months I’ve focused primarily on space games, which led me to Eve Online.


Last October I was curious enough that I posted to r/Eve asking if I should give it a shot on a friends account that had been offered to me. I was met with a mix of support and discouragement. People told me I’d have to stream with a delay, which is absolute murder on chat engagement; one of my key features. I was discouraged to say the least.

So I continued playing my current game of choice, and let the thought fade from my mind. A few months later, no longer so enraptured in what I was playing, I began hunting for “the game”. Eve caught my eye once more. I’m a space streamer, and this seemed to be the only space game I hadn’t tried.

I asked a few streamer friends about Eve, trying to do research on what to expect. I was told with absolute certainty and unanimity that Eve was the worst game to stream.

I was told the community was absolutely toxic. I was told I’d end my first stream in tears, and never want to touch video games again. I was told that I’d get stream sniped over and over again, and that I’d ‘lose my shit’. Discouraged once more, I let the thought go to the back of my mind, where it sat there for another month, teasing me.

One night, around 2am, I was aimlessly browsing Twitch, looking for something new to play, and I saw Eve again. I clicked, and came across ZarvoxToral’s stream. I engaged with him, asking questions about the game, the community and streaming it.

He was inviting, positive and realistic. He told me I’d get ganked, but that it wasn’t a big deal and to not let it get to me. He told me that I should absolutely give it a try. I had one positive piece of information, and fountains of people telling me not to try it, but, desperate to find a game, any game that I could play and enjoy again, I decided to fuck it all and go for it.

I knew nothing about the game except a few key points. It was a space game. It’d been around since 2003. The economy was the most stable in the world. There were, essentially, no rules. Not a whole lot to go on, but enough to make me interested. Hell, I’d been thinking about the game in the back of my mind for months, but resisted the urge to do research for fear of falling into a game that had a toxic community that could ruin my desire to stream.

I started the game in early March.

I fell in love.

This game was everything I’d been looking for. Everything I had tried and failed to create with my Elite: Dangerous roleplay server. Everything I’d been dreaming that Star Citizen would become. It was all already there.

This game was everything I’d been looking for. Everything I had tried and failed to create with my Elite: Dangerous roleplay server. Everything I’d been dreaming that Star Citizen would become. It was all already there.

Even better than the game, was the community. I’d never had such a supportive chat from a new game or been given so many pointers, in-game items and in-game currency on my first day playing. I’m not going to say that the streamers I asked about the game were liars. But maybe, just maybe, they weren’t the right type of streamer for Eve.

As many of you know, on Monday, there was a huge battle in Eve. People are calling it World War Bee. I started my stream, semi-aware, but not really caring too much. In my mind, I had no affiliation with either side, and I sure as hell was still too much of a newbro to go pledging myself to one faction or another.

This was disappointing. The night before I’d read a comment on r/Eve talking about how they wished there was a stream or broadcast that covered the events in a clear and concise way for players and non players alike. They were curious, but there really wasn’t any information available. That comment had stuck in my mind, festering with the frustration that I still didn’t know enough about Eve to provide this. As a streamer trying to make a name for herself, and all too aware of what a great opportunity it would have been to be that stream, I was to be frank, salty as hell.

EVE Online J-GAMP M-OEE8 battle 10

So I started my stream, intending exploration as a salve for this salt. (I’d recently discovered exploration and I’m incredibly addicted to it.) One of my viewers told me to go to M-OEE8. He said the battle was there and that I should at least check it out. So I did.

Somehow I wasn’t ganked immediately. I was actually there on the outskirts of hundreds of ships when the words “CO2 left CFC!!” Was spammed in local. I had no idea what this meant. I had no idea that I was witnessing history.

I was ganked shortly after, and again, frustrated at the fact that I didn’t know enough about what was going on to produce a quality stream on what I was seeing, found myself struggling with what to do next. How could I make this entertaining?

Then, inspiration struck – I didn’t know enough but literally everyone else in the game did. So, on my journey back to M-O from Jita, I spammed in every local chat I came across (yes, including Jita), looking to interview someone about the battle that just happened, live. Please send me a PM.

At first, no one hit. Then I got a message. Thinning Ice told me he’d like to talk about it. So I pulled him into my discord, and started firing away.

Within the next hour my stream had doubled in size. Suddenly I was getting in game mail and people in my twitch chat begging to be interviewed. I had no idea who the hell I was talking to most of the time, their scale, their importance, why they mattered. We even had a few people come on the show who probably had no right to be there, but I interviewed away. I was hooked.

Some of the interviews were incredibly informative, some of them, drunken Subaru ads

Some of the interviews were incredibly informative, some of them, drunken Subaru ads, but all them came together to tell the story of what had actually happened that day, from both sides. It was hard as hell to get any of the Imperium to talk, but we did have two people come on the show. We had a ton of TEST Alliance.

Suddenly, I became the person that people were watching. My chat was incredible. My viewer count was at the highest I’d ever had organically. Even better though, was the fact that I was learning about the game in a brand new way, and that I had managed do what every streamer dreams of doing; finding their little niche on Twitch, and producing brand new content.

I’ve had people angry frustrated and astounded that I got some of the interviews I did. Apparently, I chatted to some of the biggest names in Eve. I had no idea. I still really don’t have a grasp on it. In my mind, these are people that I’m interviewing because they can give a perspective to myself, and to anyone watching who has never played Eve, that has never been shared.

I asked dumb questions, simple ones, complex ones, things I didn’t know were memes. I asked whatever Twitch wanted me to ask, and whatever floated into my head. I was hungry – I still am. My goal has become very simple; I want to share news about Eve for everyone.

I clarify and explain and try to make the information that’s coming out on my stream easy to digest, easy to follow.

I am a newbro. I am someone that loves the game, but isn’t informed enough to give all of this information on their own. Instead of letting this hold me back, I’ve decided to embrace it. I ask the questions veterans wouldn’t think to ask. I clarify and explain and try to make the information that’s coming out on my stream easy to digest, easy to follow. I would not be able to do this as a veteran, or long time player. I wouldn’t think to explain what something as simple as a gate is, or ask what an ihub is.

I’m incredibly blown away by how this has grown and developed. I’ve had CCP contact me about interviews. I’ve already done one with them at the time of writing this. I’ve interviewed some of the top people in the game, and I’m incredibly excited for when I truly realize who these people are and why this is so important. Somehow I’ve managed to get anonymous informants on both sides of the war to alert me any time anything goes down. I’ve been invited to fly with both TEST and The Imperium during their battles as a neutral source. I don’t know why, but people seem to have latched onto this and are begging for more.

I will deliver.

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Crasskitty is possibly the most attractive redhead to be found in Eve. She appreciates all of the marriage proposals she gets every day, and feels that her day has been wasted unless she receives at least two. She encourages people to mail and troll her, simply so that she can appreciate all the dank memes.

  • Panco

    Pretty lame that her description is about her looks guys

  • Panco

    Crasskitty is possibly the most attractive redhead to be found in Eve.

    Wow. How is this relevant to anything ever?

    • phl0gist0n

      Are you one of the ugly gingers? Jealous of your more attractive peer?

      • Panco

        Yes and yes. I don’t understand why the only female writer gets a description like that.

        • CommunistAnimeTroon

          because there’s no point denying that the most common reaction by men to women on the internet is “bewbs”

        • phl0gist0n

          I think she’s written that herself… she’s not shy 🙂

        • Authors write their own bios in case you weren’t aware. At least, they did when I wrote for CZ. So she didn’t “get” that description, she gave it to herself, I reckon.

          • xanderphoena

            Confirmed – all writers always have and always will write their own bios.

        • southmc

          “I don’t understand why the only female writer gets a description like that.”

          Seriously? Turn on a TV, that might help explain it.

    • Kinis Deren

      I think it is meant to be tongue firmly in cheek, setting you up for the “She appreciates all of the marriage proposals she gets every day ….” sentences that follows.

    • Personally, I thought it is a hilariously over-the-top, slyly politically incorrect descriptor. Do they really have to put sarcasm tags around everything? 🙂 Anyway you can’t deny that she is an attractive woman…she might as well riff on it in a funny way.

    • xanderphoena

      All writers write their own bios as was the case with Crasskitty. I think you’ve had a serious ‘sense of humour’ failure if the following line doesn’t make it clear that it is more than a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’.

      • Panco

        I, obviously, didn’t get it – complaint withdrawn

    • Niko Lorenzio

      Bullshit. What about Hilmar??

    • callduron

      She probably sought inspiration from other CZ writer bios and found Xander’s.

      Oh hi, Xander, didn’t see you there!

  • Kinis Deren

    Good for you and welcome to EVE!

    EVE Online is so many different things – that’s what makes it so special but at the same time can be somewhat daunting to the new player. As you have discovered, diving in, getting involved in the community (no matter how small or large a part you play) intricately weaves you & your actions into the fabric of the EVE universe and the unfolding story.

    Prepare yourself for a wonderful adventure, be bold pilot! O7

  • Allawa

    Welcome to the community Crasskitty,

  • Jack Jomar

    I’d reccommend checking the history of Mintchip while you’re at it. Hopefully avoid the same situations. Good luck!

    • l0rd carlos
    • Better still, look at people like Sugar Kyle or Ali Aras, to name two of many who fell on the side of success, albeit both having burnt out in the end, it seems. Not to mention there’s a whole bunch of cool devs like Punkturis, Mimic, Karkur, etc.

      The community can and has been toxic, but it’s in no way guaranteed.

  • Welcome CrassKitty. Keep doing what you do and you will be just fine. The way you shared your sudden realisation of why people were telling you to “ping off celestials” AND then explained it using water bottles was gold – but actually useful for those that also didn’t understand. Well done.

  • Enjoyable read! There is nothing more endearing than a politically naive new player. I can’t watch streams very often because of severe data allowances on my satellite internet, but I’ve caught replays of yours and they are fun and well done. I totally get the exploration addiction! Good luck going forward–and welcome to your new life in space 🙂

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    attention whore detected

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      nice choice bro but i’m surprised you didnt lead with “tits or GTFO”

      • dfsf

        I’d rather have this bitch fuck off.
        Really, she starts her article with a photo of herself, like her face is of any relevance to the game or what she’s doing. It’s obvious that she’s just playing the attractive female card.

        • and yet you still read it.

          • callduron

            then called her attractive.

            Worst troll ever.

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          Why so angry, has your trailer been repoed?

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          Yeah I’m not having language like that around here you little shit.

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      Not to mention from her twitch profile FAQ: “is ur hair naturally red?” “No, I sold my soul to be attractive. Redheads are infinitely more attractive, so seemed like a good idea at the time”

      If u were going for red heads are more attractive try natural red hair color much more attractive than anime red hair

    • Niden

      Anonymous shitlord detected.

  • When I was starting out at TMC, I had a battle-report handed to me for which I couldn’t get a hold of any of the involved FCs to confirm details about what happened. So I took the killmails and went through PM’ing every single pilot involved until I found someone online and willing to talk about what went down, which wasn’t until the 200th pilot or so.

    Having that persistence to just keep asking in local and keep knocking on doors is proper investigative spirit and willingness to put in the work, rather than just have stuff handed to you on a platter. EVE needs someone who can bridge the learning cliff to something that regular people can understand, which often seems like a very narrow needle to thread, so definitely keep that up too.

  • Drakkenstien

    Hey, watched part of your stream, and you did pretty well. I would be careful about interviewing everyone and everything that comes into contact with you, but overall it was a highly enjoyable watch.

    I would definitely learn who the big players in eve are, so you know who you’re talking with in the future, but that’ll come with time. Don’t be afraid to get interviews from line members and see what they think of the whole thing, most players in Eve are fairly intelligent and cogent. Eve tends to attract intelligent and thoughtful players, although we do have our fair share of space morons.

    Welcome to the community, and hope to blow you up someday.

  • Niko Lorenzio

    Hey Krasskitty. Welcome to EVE. Glad you found it enjoyable and surprised how quickly you found your calling and fit in. Most people pick it up and quit half a dozen times before they have their “aha” moment and get hooked for good.

    I don’t watch streams but judging from your writing, keep up the good work.

    We used to have a steamer like you, reporting on Events around New Eden. His name was MadAni. Maybe you can get in touch with him and get some tips.

  • Grath

    Advice to you moving forward:

    Train for a proper cloaking ship, it’ll make embedded reporting significantly easier, you say you like Exploring – you should check out the Sisters of Eve line of ships like the Astero, seems right up your alley.

    Try and retain your neutrality. Its going to be hard, but joining one group or another comes with the profound effect of submerging yourself in their local narrative. Even spying on other alliances this can happen, so flying with and buddying around with them is going to make you feel the team spirit.

    Keep doing it. Your el’miner question to me was funny, way funnier than the icecream thing that everybody runs into the ground. Its fine that you didnt know who el’miner was, you handled the question and reactions well.

    Last, beware the gigantic misogynistic under current of EVE gamers. It might be more pervasive than I’m aware but virtually every female i know in game has at some point dealt with what can be a fairly violent reaction from fat wheezy nerds on the internet. Try and remember that we’re not all like that and that those dudes who are probably need 3-4 hours of therapy a month and theres nothing you can do to fix them.

    All in all you were cool Crass, hope you stick around

    • Niden

      Everything Grath just said.

  • Mike Dawe

    Asking questions IS the best way to learn. Rookie help chat has a few heroes who do ask questions for the hundreds who lurk, hoping their question is answered.

    I watched the stream fore a wile and you did a great job. Welcome to Eve.


  • Nou Mene

    Welcome !

  • Welcome to New Eden (even if kitties are *not* crass).

  • Freelancer117

    Welcome to eve, don’t trust anybody ( except Chribba ) and especially not CCP.
    source: http://evewho.com/pilot/Chribba

    Regards, a Freelancer

  • Robert

    Follower here, bring back the Subaru guy. Was the funniest shit eva.

  • Omar Sharif

    Please stop

  • Jan Koxsos Kopecky

    I can offer nothing but salt over how she makes more than I in an ordinary job I studied for, because she is a girl with pretty face that plays videogames and can do her make-up.
    I mean she does not even have to play exceptionally well she is just there for lonely men to look at and it saddens me.
    “Haha, you got me, let me use the donations to buy plex and die again, because I can.”
    All in all ok writing but I am biased and salty af.

  • Daytrip

    I don’t get why everyone says the EVE community is toxic… sure people might kill you, but people will kill you in most games where combat is the main goal of the game. I remember when I first played league of legends I wasn’t sure what to do and got told I was a “complete shitter and never play again”. Halo invented the crouch humping on the dead bodies, and halo 2 perfected it with screaming children. I think the misconception comes because eve is one of the few games where people can betray you in ways that actually sting; however, could you imagine if the call of duty kids came on eve for a day? The server would no longer be called tranquility, that is for sure.

  • Not interested

    During one of the fights I was watching multiple streams at once (thanks to multitwitch.tv) and I had ZarvoxToral and Crasskitty amongst them. After a couple of minutes I had everyone muted except for Zarvox. That guy really knows what’s going on, and is very entertaining, even when he was really tired after having the stream going all night. When I had Crasskitty unmuted, I started listening to makeup stuff and how they should sponsor her.

    She might be popular in other games, but I don’t think Eve is the right audience. I do admire her persistence in getting people to tell her their side of the story, though.

  • Matterall

    “About the Author
    Crasskitty is possibly the most attractive redhead to be found in Eve. She appreciates all of the marriage proposals she gets every day, and feels that her day has been wasted unless she receives at least two. She encourages people to mail and troll her, simply so that she can appreciate all the dank memes.”

    Who write this drivel? Looking at you Niden 🙂

    • xanderphoena

      The authors always write their own bios Matterall.

      • Matterall


    • Niden

      Um, it’s a joke Matt. You should try them over at TMC some time.

  • Welcome to the zoo, CrassKitty :-). You fell in love with the most jealous mistress in all of gaming: EVE Online.

    Fly naughty!


    Pro tip [insofar as you needed it]: don’t mind the salty talk, that will never go away. As long as you show you’re the real deal you’ll be accepted on your own terms. I still wouldn’t accept a 500 million ISK offer to take your stuff to null-sec though ;-).