EVE Fits with JEFFRAIDER – Svipul

JEFFRAIDER is finally back! Following the popular Confessor fitting video is the new star in town: the Svipul. The Minmatar tactical destroyer is a versatile platform with a lot of flexibility when it comes to fitting, making it a very interesting ship that lends itself well to the creative pilot.

Tags: EFT, fitting, hendrick, JEFFRAIDER, svipul, tactical destroyer

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Hendrick Tallardar

Hendrick has been a New Eden resident since 2009. After a short career as a space trucker and stint in GoonWaffe, he later joined SniggWaffe before becoming enchanted with the powers of Taylor Swift and ascending to HABIT. A video wizard, he runs his own YouTube channel (YouTube.com/UbaStij) while overseeing CZ's video needs.