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We are pleased to shamelessly plug announce Crossing Zebras only sponsor EVE-Bet will be expanding their operations by adding raffles to their repertoire of games. The soft launch will be today and a planned in-game event on the 31st January will mark the official opening. It appears regular punters have already discovered the upgrade and are taking home some dank prizes.

CZ writer, and now also the EU EVE-Bet representative, Nashh Kadavr has been put in charge of the opening event and his experience and background in this area sure should make for one hell of a party.

Nashh has reached out for help from fellow content creators like Jayne Fillon and Mangala Solaris to ensure its smooth running and a respectable attendance. “Spare no expense” the boss said according to Nashh, so the expectations are high. Just this morning Nashh Kadavr completed the planning stages and released some details;

“In line with ship-based lotteries and a chance to win ships it seemed appropriate to give people a chance to win ships, right? So, after some deliberation on how to give people a shot at winning ships in-game we decided to launch one of almost every ship in the game inside a POS shield, exclude strontium, so it can be killed and 185 ships will be up for grabs”.

Almost every single subcap, T1 and T2, will be represented and bolstered up with 4 freighters, 4 jump-freighters, 8 capitals (including a Rorqual) and as a final cherry on top, 2 super capitals! Thats right; EVE-Bet are leaving two supers unattended in an undefended POS!

The exact location has not been disclosed but will be announced via the EVE-Bet Twitter account on Saturday 30th and the entire event will be streamed by the #EVE_NT Collides crew on their twitch channel.

The new raffles on the website are in the classic and popular format most punters will be familiar with, adding to the already successful sports betting the website offers.

EB lottery

Once a lottery has been won the winner can choose to take the ISK value or the ship itself.

EVE-Bet have generously provided us with 5 billion ISK in codes to give out to our readers to come and playtest the new raffle games. We will split them into 100 million ISK packets to the first 50 people to tweet about this article, including; #crossingzebras and @evebet_eve!

We say this a lot at CZ, but Eve-Bet really are a good bunch of guys that invest heavily back into the community. The EB sponsorship is what pays for all the articles and podcasts here on CZ and enables us to provide you, our beloved readers, with great content. So if you fancy a flutter, want to support the community and have some fun at the same time, drop by the Eve-Bet site.

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