EVE 101: Player Groups


Part 6 of EVE 101 discusses the various types of player groups and how a corporation is made from scratch, as well as the concepts of alliances, coalitions, and NPSI fleets.
Tags: alliances, coalitions, corporations, EVE 101, guide, hendrick, player groups, tutorial

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Hendrick Tallardar

Hendrick has been a New Eden resident since 2009. After a short career as a space trucker and stint in GoonWaffe, he later joined SniggWaffe before becoming enchanted with the powers of Taylor Swift and ascending to HABIT. A video wizard, he runs his own YouTube channel (YouTube.com/UbaStij) while overseeing CZ's video needs.

  • Nyx STeelGamers

    Maybe the best brief summary of player organizations in EVE.

  • AP

    this is clearly a CCP paid ad. Pity tat the truth is different.
    1-Many players in EVE are Indian or Russian goon paid by CCP to populate the place.
    2-90% of playing time is solo and boring
    3-the sandbox story of CCP is a fairy tale

    • Niden

      You’re either a mediocre troll, or a complete idiot. I can’t decide which.

    • Kamar Raimo

      Wrong. Most Goons are Americans. Indians and Russians actually have money. It’s the Americans who are poor enough to play a videogame and be paid scraps for it.

      … and the Chinese but they are not allowed to play on the same server.

      • Niden

        Tarek: Troll Hunter 😉