EVE 101: Key Concepts

In a new series aimed at new players, we here at Crossing Zebras discuss a few key concepts that a new player to EVE Online should be made aware of. While there are many mechanics, personal skills, and more that a player should have to be successful in the game, these are for introductory purposes to EVE Online in general.

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About the author

Hendrick Tallardar

Hendrick has been a New Eden resident since 2009. After a short career as a space trucker and stint in GoonWaffe, he later joined SniggWaffe before becoming enchanted with the powers of Taylor Swift and ascending to HABIT. A video wizard, he runs his own YouTube channel (YouTube.com/UbaStij) while overseeing CZ's video needs.

  • Kamar Raimo

    Makes me curious about the follow-up.

    One thing I would add is: Don’t think about what you can not do, think about what you can do.

    Many fleets can make use of a fast tackling frigate or a scout. You do not need to be able to fly fancy ships with high-skill fits for that. In fact, if your ship is cheap and mostly harmless chances are you will not be seen as a threat, especially if you are new in game. Communication skills and presence of mind are needed there, but skillpoints not so much.

  • Druik Arbosa

    This feels so much like the safey induction videos when you go into industrials sites and commercial warehouses, I love it!