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CCP’s game designers have been very active since Fanfest. I had been waiting to get super excited about the announced new pirate ships from Mordu’s Legion until CCP released the first iteration of stats. Last Monday CCP Rise put up a thread in EVE-O and Nanami released modified data files for EFT within hours. Mordu’s Legion ships are meant to be kiting, missile based and shield tanked ships with a bonus for tackle range.
BPCs and ships will be available from Mordu’s Legion LP store in 5ZXX-K and BPCs will also be dropped in NPC spawns in all lowsec systems in New Eden. These spawns will appear as often as hauler spawns and they will drop a specific BPC every time. I suspect that CCP will add more agents if the current effort from CFC to farm LP points in their umbrella system 5ZXX-K does not suitably modify the price of the pirate hulls. So far DOTLAN shows that activity in this system has increased by factor of four to five. I am looking forward to this weekend’s activity in Pure Blind.  GcFdRzP
DISCLAIMER: All shown fits work without any hardwirings and no pirate faction implants were used. All Mordu’s ships benefit from a full Genolution set. For fleet setup a normal boost out of Vulture and Claymore was used. For solo I used a four link Tengu, which is pretty common nowadays for ‘solo’ action. All ship fittings are within a reasonable price range and no officer mods were used. This is also the first iteration of the ship stats. These may change by Kronos.

The Garmur

The Mordu’s frigate hull is a very agile tackler and should only be used it in a fleet. Unfortunately the Garmur lacks enough DPS to operate solo. Rage Rockets are too short and have issues applying damage even to cruiser hulls. Additionally the damage is only 10% better with Rockets while being prone to cap warfare and a shutdown MWD within unbonused scram range. So the LML is the weapon of choice on the Garmur. CCP only allowed a short lock range due to its tackle bonus, so it does not outshine interceptors.

The Orthrus

I am looking forward to flying the Orthrus! This is a roaming machine and a great addition to small gang PVP. Again the weapons of choice are either RLML or HML to use the bonuses that the hull offers. The increased velocity of the missiles decrease the first applied damage time and reduce the vulnerability of missiles to smartbombs, a common counter to missile setups. For fleet action the Lachesis is still the better tackler but for small ganks the Orthrus can add damage. It is also able to volley off any other light tackle off the field very easily with the RLML and a set of small drones.

For solo action you should add a deadspace MWD to counter the rather low cap of the Orthrus, however three minutes with full MWD is an eternity in solo PvP so you should not run into any problems. You should stay within 50km of your target and use the defensive short 23 km scram only to shut down the MWD of fast light tackle if really needed. You can also drop the two LSE and replace them with a ASB and a cap injector, but I like a buffer fit more since it is easier to control. Basically this is an old nano Vagabond that can actually do damage while tackling in a comfortable buffer range. It also can warp in three seconds so with the addition of a DG cloak you can run any 50 man Providence gatecamp easily.

The Barghest

The Machariel finally has a competitor in form of the Mordu’s Legion battleship hull. I can foresee quite a few hangars in New Eden that will exchange the Machariel for the Barghest. The normal fleet version outperforms the Machariel damage wise and can also bump ships as well as the Machariel with a longer damage pattern and the option to point targets at 70 km. After Kronos is deployed I am sure Pandemic Legion will add them to our Herocats, our concept to bump and destroy capitals and supercapitals with subcap ships.

As a solo ships the Barghest massively outperforms the Machariel! No tracking issues, long point range, great speed and overall a well rounded fit for a 2 bil ISK ship. It’s greatest weakness is the rather long reload time on the RHML, but again you can apply full damage in a 70km radius without missing shots, something that can’t be done in a Machariel. I am looking forward to see the first solo roams with this beast!

See you on grid!
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