Crossing Zebras Episode 7


This week, Jeg and Xander have to be kept pulled apart by the dulcet tones of and contributor, Dsan! There’s a lot to go over this week including the chaos that is Delve and the rampant manipulation of the Faction Warfare LP system in the past couple of weeks. Needless to say, Jeg and Xander don’t see eye-to-eye on everything…

Crossing Zebras Episode 7.mp3

The full schedule for this week’s episode is:


Introductions and apologies


Delve shenanigans – who is involved, why they are there and what the likely fallout might be, both long and short-term


Goonies manipulate the Faction Warfare LP system – some very heated discussion on how the new LP system for Faction Warfare released in Inferno was grossly manipulated to the tune of trillions of ISK and what the CCP have done / should have done

A wee discussion on what Jeg, Xander and Dsan have been doing in game and IRL over the past few weeks


Shoutouts and signoffs

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This week’s playlist is as follows:

Acceptable in the 80s – Calvin Harris

Somersault – Zero 7

Glosoli – Sigur Ros

The Escapist – The Streets

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About the author

Jeg Elsker

Jeg Elsker is the brains behind the Crossing Zebras team. While Xander may come up with all the fanciful ideas, Jeg was the dude with the technical ability to create the Crossing Zebras site and all the technical infrastructure required to go with it. On top of this, he somehow manages to temper Xander’s enthusiasm on the podcast with some tempered reason and sense