Crossing Zebras Episode 19


A very different episode this week as we at last have the much delayed interview with CCP Fozzie, Hans Jagerblitzen and Trebor Daehdoow covering predominately the CSM Winter Summit Minutes but also some general discussion on null sec, politics and the relationship between CSM and CCP.

Crossing Zebras Episode 19.mp3


Topics of discussion include CCP reorganisation, POSes, the Stakeholder process (there’s a great video on this which Fozzie recommends watching during the record here), CSM8 including the candidates and potential voting systems, CSM anonymity, null sec, ship rebalancing, supercaps and the wardec system amongst a whole heap of other stuff.

I want to thank all three guests for being so open and forthright leading to some very interesting back and forth discussion. We also had some pretty major internet issues on my end which led to the recording being rescheduled and despite this, the guys all gave up almost three hours of their spare time. Indeed, Fozzie was up to 1:30am. The sound quality isn’t quite what I would have liked – we had to switch from Skype to TeamSpeak halfway through recording because of dropouts – but I think the call is clear enough to understand the conversation.

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