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During the last o7 show we saw an interview with two guys from EOC.TV discussing their upcoming project, the “EOC.TV Rumble”.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with some of the behind the scenes planning of the event, so I’ve pulled together this handy list FAQ .

What is the Rumble?

Stripped down to its base elements, the rumble is essentially an organised deathrace mixed with a titan kill event.

What do you mean by organised?

It is considered an organised event as some of Eve’s more popular FC’s are helping run the event. It is even being organised logistically through the EOC.TV website, helping with communcations of doctrines.

When is the Rumble?

The event will be kicking off this coming Sunday at 20:00 UTC

Who came up with the idea for the Rumble?

There was no one particular individual, it was the team that came up with the idea of a launch event and after bouncing ideas between themselves, they decided on this.

So it’s just a launch event for a website?

No not entirely. While the idea did spawn initially as a launch event for the website, as it is a community project, the idea evolved into both an awareness and charity event. Three charity groups in Eve: Best of us, Care for Kids and CCP’s very own PLEX for Good  – the ISK donated to CCP will be added to the next PLEX for Good campaign.

Is anyone sponsoring the event?

At the time of writing there has been over 10 community groups that have helped with the  funding to ensure event’s success. You can find the names of these organisations at the EOC.TV website.

What about individuals?

At the time of writing there has been over 350 individuals that have donated 100m or more!

Do I have to pay anything to join in?

The website does list a 100m entrance fee for the event. However, I will be sponsoring 100 entries to the event, so if you want, you can enter the event for free by clicking here. You can then login via the SSO, choose your character and you’re done!

Why should I donate anything? Why shouldn’t I just turn up to the event?

In truth, yes, there’s nothing in place to prevent any person just turning up at the event and getting in on the kill. But do you really want to be that guy who turns up alone on grid when everyone else is in a fleet? Let’s be honest, it’s a charity charity event, what does it take to donate, or event click the link above! It’s all going to a good cause!

That being said, while the “prize” is to have a Titan kill on your killboard, there is an extensive list of actual prizes that people taking part will be eligible for, but you have to be on the participants list/have donated to be in with a chance of winning.

Prizes you say?

Yes, there is a list of prizes on the EOC.TV. As more and more sponsors have signed up, more prizes have been added! They will also be distributed out by the irreproachable Chribba.

What security status space is the event happening in?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, it will not be happening in highsec, it will instead be held in low security space.

So we know, who’s crazy enough to have a voluntary titan loss on their killboard?

I can exclusively reveal today, that I, General Stargazer, am the one crazy enough to have that loss on my killboard. The death of the Leviathan will permanently destroy my nearly perfect 98% efficiency killboard.

I can’t be at my PC while the event is on, will it being streamed anywhere?

Of course! There will be multiple streams up on the EOC.TV website. While some of these streamers will be in the fleets, there is obviously a chance that they will be knocked out during the event. There will also be a stream coming in from the Titian as well, which will hopefully last the full duration of the event. This same stream will be simultaneously broadcast on the Crossing Zebras gaming YouTube channel.

How can I get in touch with someone to talk about the Rumble?

There’s a few different options. You can get the team on twitter @eoc_tv, on the Tweetfleet slack #eoc-tv, ingame in the channel “EOC.TV” or send an eve-mail to the character “EOC.TV”. You can also find out more on http://www.eoc.tv

I’m personally looking forward to this event. Not only because I can invite and pay for people to come and help me die in a fire, but because I love these community events and the charities they support. So come, sign up and I hope to see you in space!


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