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The CSM has always held a particular fascination for me but up until now I have had to remain a largely passive bystander to events as they unfold. This time round, Crossing Zebras as a podcast is established and even has some listeners so it feels right to take advantage of this to cover the upcoming CSM8 election process, specifically the candidates themselves.

The traditional format most podcasters have used in the past is to have candidates debate with one another in groups of two or more on mandates and the key topics affecting the game at that moment in time. That format works very well if you keep a tight hand on the rudder (Arydanika being a perfect example) – it requires work to stop it devolving into to point-scoring and cock-waving. Mittens vs Riverini anyone?


Because I like being a little contrary, we’re going to do things a little different here on Crossing Zebras. I am going to offer every confirmed and official candidate for CSM8 a thirty minute one-on-one interview with me, Xander, on Crossing Zebras. And a strict thirty minutes at that – soon as the time is up, the interview ends, no exceptions. All candidates will be offered the opportunity to discuss their own mandates and why they think they deserve votes as well as some less obvious questions on all aspects of Eve Online and the election process. I would recommend being prepared.

All interviews will be posted uncut and unedited (barring technical glitches such as the Skype call dropping out). I am offering this to every single official candidate and frankly I would like to interview every one of them but if there are around forty, which would be typical of the last couple of years, I may struggle to get through them all. As such, I am posting this fairly prematurely to allow candidates to contact me. Slots will be given in a first-come, first-served basis. If you are the fortieth guy to request an interview, I’m not going to lie, I may not have the time to get to you.

If you have not officially announced yourself as standing yet but are planning to do so in the future and wish to book a slot, please contact me personally on the one of the non-public channels below. Your candidacy will be kept confidential by me until you announce it publically.

I will be starting to record and post interviews from around Saturday 9th February and the best time for me tends to be from around 1900-0100 Eve pretty much any day of the week. We can always work something out to suit the candidate though – I will try and remain as flexible as possible. You can contact me to book your interview through any of the following channels:

Email – xander@crossingzebras.com

Twitter – twitter.com/midi2304 (DM me or use email if you wish to keep your candidacy private)

Blog comments on this page below (again, if you wish to keep your candidacy private, I recommend you use email)

In-game mail to character Xander Phoena

This is your chance to get your own thoughts, opinions and mandates across without any interference from the other candidates. This is your chance to opportunity to speak directly to your potential voters. I’m looking forward to talking to you.

Fly safe,


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Jeg Elsker is the brains behind the Crossing Zebras team. While Xander may come up with all the fanciful ideas, Jeg was the dude with the technical ability to create the Crossing Zebras site and all the technical infrastructure required to go with it. On top of this, he somehow manages to temper Xander’s enthusiasm on the podcast with some tempered reason and sense