Editorial: Assault Ship Changes


The new balance team is ramping up and at Vegas we saw the next phase of their plan: tackling assault ships. While I agree this is a much needed change, I feel the exact design that was suggested is unimaginative, and doesn’t provide any new solutions or problems. Today I discuss at length why I feel this change is a mistake, as well as suggest a couple of alternative options.


Ashterothi on assault ship changes


Note: as with all design proposals the numbers are not final, but rather this is high level concepts of how the design can play out. The goal should be to create different and new kinds of choices, not more extreme versions of the same burst tanks.

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Ashterothi has spent the last five years learning and teaching EVE Online. He is a host on the highly successful High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast.

  • Gosti

    I really like the idea of giving Assault ships a eWar resistance bonus. When they redesigned HACs back then, they did increase their lock range, sensor strength and cap for exactly that reason, to make them a bit more resistant to eWar. The eWar resistances simply didn´t exist back then, but now that they do, this would be the perfect oportunity to use them.
    I even wrote in the official Forum about this, but just assuming you give the the assault frigs 75% eWar resistance, they would still be able to fly over 500m/s with an AB under heavy Vindicator webs. Like this you could even justifiy that they are as fast as their T1 counterpart, or maybe even a bit slower, as you can barely slow them down anymore. Sure they´ll have a problem catching someone, but as soon as they do, they dictate.

    Of course, this doesn´t effect large Fleets as they barely use any eWar, but I think that would make it even better, as you can give Fleets ships that are a bit stronger and have more Tank due to the T2 resistance profile, while small gang and solo would benefit from this

    • naed21

      Isn’t there a target painter resistance? That would be great for AHAC fleets. Could even keep their 50% MWD sig bloom reduction and basically nullify missile damage.

  • Verdis deMosays

    Thank you for the well written article. Excellent as always.

    I agree that this pass is an attempt at putting a band-aid on a chainsaw cut
    I also like your idea on ewar. It might mesh with my concept for an improvement. I posted this on the e-o forums and reddit last month, and got a lot of good feedback. The concept is a highslot, AF only module which would activate to temporarily nullify mobile bubbles, and warp probes within 24km, at the cost of disabling warp while active. It would allow you to break defensive bubbling, and be a true “assault” ship, tackling hard and letting your fleet warp to you. It would also make it useless in low, but if you made it scriptable for ewar resistance, it wouldn’t be. I’d love to discuss it further with you,
    Verdis deMosays
    Sixth Empire

  • Lee Church

    I like that much more than the current proposal.

  • DB_Explorer

    this is an interesting idea, I hope you send it up to the CSM or other means to get CCP aware of it.