Drifter Broadcast


  A few weeks after all the new Unidentified Wormhole systems had been navigated, an idea for a video came to me. If the Drifters were to “say” something, what would it be? So we know that the Drifters aren’t the most talkative of types, in fact, the autopsy report showed that they didn’t even have the vocal cords to speak. So i looked at it from the point of view that if the Drifters wanted to either talk to us or send us some sort of message that they’d have to do it artificially in the creation of a voice. Now it has become apparent (based on recent attacks) that the Drifters are “monitoring us” and our actions. By the looks of the gleaned information from the Jove Observatories they have have access to some of the public broadcasts also. With that in mind, there have been a lot of public broadcasts (ACN/DED and The Scope). So I took as many of these broadcasts as i could find, catalogued the words and phrases then constructed a new video. Once the video was put together I also needed a way to relay the message from them. Given that the only known message we’ve had from the Unidentified Wormhole systems was from Hilen Tukoss to a disused FTL beacon at the Arek’Jaalan project in Eram, I decided to go down the same route. As I was registered on the Arek’Jaalan Security team, I used these permissions to access the beacon and “found” this broadcast stored in the same damaged storage buffer as Tukoss’s final broadcast. Enjoy!

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