Ders Patrouette – Staff Writer


Inspired by Prize Bot and Stunt Flores dunking on him while in Co2’s Delve deployment, he started looking for ways to create his own content. Poorly repurposing fleet ships for solo or small gang PvP, he eventually found a good balance between price and effectiveness in Tech 1 frigates. Leaving Co2, Ders began his career in lowsec Factional Warfare, flying exclusively solo T1 frigates for five months. Moving on to LAWN and eventually WIdot, he rejoined his friends from Co2 to live in Thera and Vale for some time. Ders now flies a variety of roles within PODLA and FTB, but is still largely found in frigates and destroyers, despite SP allowing for larger ships. He hopes to inform newer players on how little SP is truly needed to be effective in small gang or solo, and hopes to inspire others to seek out content without an FC.

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Ders Patrouette