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In my previous article I mentioned the difficulties of deploying post Phoebe. WAFFLES. has since moved to Sendaya, putting us a few jumps from Curse, Catch, and Providence. With this new location we get to play with many of the locals which each offer a distinct PvP experience. Brave with massive numbers of cheap ships. Curse residents with local knowledge and strong small gang abilities. And Provibloc with their usual ratters, miners, and midsized fleets. We’ve had a great time so far and what follows are but a few of the best fleets we’ve had since we arrived. So there we were, a few guys hanging out on PL’s OG Mumble playing some Grid 2. It started with a quick notice that Apothne was forming up a quick fleet and needed a couple of dictors from WAFFLES. to burn to PL’s staging system and meet up for a fleet. I hopped into my Flycatcher and started burning from Sendaya… only to run into the usual cloaky camp with Garmur insta-lock on the Utopia gate in Doril. Undeterred by the loss of my dictor, I reshipped into a travel fit Stiletto and burned to catch up. By the time I was a few jumps out we had been given a destination to burn to. We had a couple of wormholes and now intel was starting to come in. A duo of Archons had been tackled by Lazerhawks and we were going to whore on the kills. By now PL had approximately 30 Ishtars and assorted support with minimal tackle. After two wormholes we arrived in Delve and were informed we were only a couple of jumps from the tackled capitals. Moments later we heard that approximately 10 supers had joined the fight to try to drive Lazerhawks off of the tackled carriers, however, The Kadeshi had limited subcap support to accompany them. I immediately started scanning the Delve NPC markets for a Sabre or Flycatcher to help keep supers pinned down, but none were readily available. About to give up, I quickly checked regional contracts and to my surprise there was a fire sale on an Onyx in 319, fully fit. As if a divine being had provided me my answer I immediately burned and reshipped to return to the fight. As I arrived, supers were jumping through the gate and aligning off. We had several dictors by now and pings were going up trying to get sufficient numbers to down supers, being out of range of PL’s own super capital umbrella. An Aeon was too slow to move and was separated from the cluster, upon which we immediately began bumping it as far off as we could. After finally pushing it 70 km from the rest of the fleet we went to work. As the Aeon was creeping through armor, a Tengu fleet arrived to attempt to kill tackle off of the capitals. However, PL’s Ishtars were set up at range and began quickly melting through Scimitars then Tengus, destroying the support fleet quickly. After that it became a simple exercise of grinding through the Aeon. We then managed to pick a capacitor fit Nyx and we’re able to burn it down even with incoming reps from the other supers. After picking another Aeon and bumping it away from its friends, we got to work for our third kill. It was then that our single cyno inhibitor was killed and NC. was able to bring in its own super fleet, effectively ending the fight. Happy with our kills we deaggressed and returned home. Kill report

The next night, we took a small shield Vexor fleet out to Brave space to see what we could stir up. Finding little resistance we started returning home, where we were set upon by a Moa fleet. As we began to engage a cyno went up and surprisingly an Archon came through. Pings were sent to PL and we began to try and keep the Archon pinned down against a numerical and ship-wise advantage from Brave. The choice of an Archon to supplement the Moa fleet was strange, however, a few other armor ships, namely a Paladin and a Proteus, found their way into the fight and a second Archon came in to support the initial one. All of the shiney ships were tackled and killed. As well as a random Rattlesnake that had found its way to the fight. All in all another 12b killed for minimal losses. Bombers were useful the following day in F4R as the station timer came up. Brave formed a significant number of Harpies to fight the PL Tengu fleet. We brought a bomber wing about 40 strong and set up perches before the fight was set to go down. After a short period of waiting and one missed run on their jump bridge, we moved in to F4R and set up, awaiting the enemy fleet. As they jumped in to bubbles on the gate and tried to slowboat straight down, our four bomber wings warped in from different directions and landed perfect strikes on nearly their entire fleet, leading to approximately 70 kills instantly. After a few more minutes and a couple of warps we had another run on the Maulus fleet that was in system as they were trying to escape from F4R. PL brought in supers and finished the station as we covered the gates hoping for more targets to blow up. Sadly nothing else came and everyone went home. Kill report There were a few other events worth noting. Primarily, our five exceptional interceptor pilots who saw a Brave fleet open to them, once again in F4R. They were able to get into fleet and at the key moment, tackle the FC and several of their logistics as the fleet was warping to a safe spot, effectively ending the fight. “Eagle Fleet Down” comms recording

Another was us taking a 20 man Ishtar fleet towards GE- to be greeted by 100 or so Brave with many being day 1-2 newbies and finally dying, after taking a significant number with us. Kill report 1 Kill report 2 Going forward, we’re going to remain deployed for the time being and we’ll continue to test new doctrines and grow our new members – we’ve been recruiting quite heavily if people fit our stringent requirements. I’m looking forward to the fights to come. Hopefully, with the Russians moving in we’ll see another increase in shinier targets. I know PL recently found some of their caps to kill. A titan would make a nice addition to our killboard.   Addendum: As I was finishing this piece and waiting at the airport to head home, I got several pings on Skype and IRC of Hurley getting his Avatar tackled and proceeding to lose it, as well as an Aeon which warped instead of aligning, saing the remaining supers. Seems like we ended up getting a titan killmail, but on the wrong part of the board. There are currently several Reddit posts detailing what happened and so I’ll let you see for yourself.

Comms recording from PL
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