Deploying in Phoebe

Disclaimer: I have run corporation, alliance and coalition level deployments for several groups over the years, giving me a solid working knowledge of how it works, what is required, and the various pain points of doing logistics on a large scale. That said, there are people who do deployments on an even greater scale than I, so this is a quick overview and a primer on logistics post Phoebe.

What deploying looked like

Currently you only need a few things to make deployments quick and smooth.
  1. People with Carriers and Jump Freighters
  2. A few cyno alts
  3. Corporate offices all over EVE for those cyno alts
  4. Isk for fuel, liquid ozone and cynos
For a corp like Sniggwaffe, also known by our alliance name WAFFLES., we can deploy in an hour or two if people are ready to go. It amounts to getting cyno alts online and lit, then ferrying Jump Freighters and Carriers full of ships back and forth through station systems to recharge capacitor for the next jump. Our last deployment to Nakah from Kinakka took two midpoint jumps and most people made one or two runs and were done in about fifteen minutes.

t3N6e4G Jump Drive Calibration 4 Carrier Route

Since we have no supers or titans there was no set-up time for safe towers and a regular member could log in at any point during the scheduled move op, jump their stuff down, and then hang out. For WAFFLES. without carriers they were easily able to toss their ships to someone with one who would make a second or third run.

As you can see, these types of deployments are incredibly easy and allowed us to project power anywhere and anytime we chose.

Phoebe and Deployments

With Phoebe, this landscape changes dramatically for a similar type of deployment.  Ignoring jump fatigue, the new route map from Kinakka to Nakah would look like this:


5LY Jump Range Post Phoebe Route

 As you can see, we’ve gone from two mids to eight. In itself, this is a significant change for people making multiple trips, but would still be easy for most groups.

I am feeling fatigued

In addition to six more midpoints, we also end up needing to travel nearly 40LY along the new route. Considering the optimal way to do this would be to wait out the fatigue timer for all but the last couple of jumps, we’re looking at close to eight hours from Kinakka to Nakah. The constraining factor for deploying becomes the ability to stay online all day or to break deployments over multiple days. Routing then needs to adjust to look for content while moving. It becomes realistic to expect a group deployment to move two to three jumps per day, spend what remaining time they have finding content on the first stop, and then continuing on their journey the next day.

But wait! There’s more

In addition to making it more difficult for the individual Waffle to make this deployment, the directors and other deployment coordinators will have another challenge.  With the removal of death cloning to offices at will, cyno alts will now need to select one of these station systems on the route and remain there for the deployment (no one wants to fly cyno alts 5-10 jumps continuously throughout a day). Groups like WAFFLES. and PL are less affected by this due to having extensive cyno alt groups, but for a smaller corp or alliance this issue will be much more pronounced. The one positive from jump fatigue does mean it gives cyno alts time to burn system to system while the cap pilots recover, but that is about as positive as these changes get for large scale deployments.


Overall, the Phoebe changes will make corp, alliance, and coalition level deployments much more time consuming and annoying. This incentivizes groups to stay in a home area even when content dries up, since the alternative of deploying to another part of EVE that currently has consistent content is no longer an easy decision. I expect to see a continuation of the current asset consolidation we’re seeing from the major blocs as more and more groups realize the effects of these changes. I also expect to see new hotspots popping up on the map where people finally settle.
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