Declarations of War: The Tusk at Hand


“That does seem tin foily.”

DoW 122: The Tusk at Hand

-Suleiman Shouaa, CEO of the ATXIV champion Tuskers joins the show

-MAJOR STORY: CCP shuts down all EVE gambling sites. Have they gone too far and what will this mean for the community?

-Inside look at The Tuskers’ recent underdog tournament win

-A history of The Tuskers

-Supposed IRL bounty makes mainstream headlines. Good, bad, or just a troll?

-MC drawn into NC./Horde vs Circle of TEST Tribute conflict 

-Host highlights and more!

Ending: Prism by Lindsey Sterling 

Tags: alliance tournament, eve bet, eve online, lowsec, nullsec, pvp

About the author

Alekseyev Karrde

Host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.

  • Ulysses

    Man, this change is because Washington State Gambling Comission ruled against Velve. Notice how EULA also changed minimal age from 13 (complient with COPA) to ‘ adult’ (complient with new EU Data protection act).

  • Karasuma Akane

    As Ulysses says, beyond any short term RMT concerns, CCP very likely took this across-the-board banning of gambling to avoid long-term legal problems, in light of the recent legal decision against Valve in the US and legal changes to EU regulations… their lawyers can see which way the legal and regulatory winds are blowing in regard to the internet gaming and gambling nexus. In addition, the new Alpha Rush will most probably involve many more younger (non-adult) players trying out Eve, and having gambling-type operations associated with the game is problematic legally (and probably public relations wise) when dealing with masses of minors. Better that CCP just shuts it all down instead of playing whack-a-mole determine who is ‘clean’ and who is ‘dirty’ and leaving themselves open to possible legal action in the future?

  • Matterall

    I’m pretty sure CCP was going to do this, not because of RMT. That’s been pretty well established. There is no baby, its all bathwater.