Declarations of War: The Tusk at Hand


“That does seem tin foily.”

DoW 122: The Tusk at Hand

-Suleiman Shouaa, CEO of the ATXIV champion Tuskers joins the show

-MAJOR STORY: CCP shuts down all EVE gambling sites. Have they gone too far and what will this mean for the community?

-Inside look at The Tuskers’ recent underdog tournament win

-A history of The Tuskers

-Supposed IRL bounty makes mainstream headlines. Good, bad, or just a troll?

-MC drawn into NC./Horde vs Circle of TEST Tribute conflict 

-Host highlights and more!

Ending: Prism by Lindsey Sterling 

Tags: alliance tournament, eve bet, eve online, lowsec, nullsec, pvp

About the author

Alekseyev Karrde

Host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.