Declarations of War: The Horde Master


“For some reason I immediately assumed the sex tape would be with CCP Manifest.”

-Nidia Masters returns after +100 episodes and is joined by FC, AT commentator, writer, and former CSM candidate Apothne to guest host this episode.

-Interview with Apothne covering his start in EVE, participating in the Alliance Tournament broadcast, and recent CSM campaign

-Nidia and Alek reminisce about the time Nidia led a hostile takeover of Noir.

-Poll Results: Where do you get your EVE news?

-Saranen takes center stage in World War Bee with a week of massive battles

-Panel discusses the value of Citadels as a staging platform and carriers as the new meta

-Apothne lifts the curtain on his nearly successful CSM campaign and the surprising dynamics of CSM XI

-PVP highlights from the past two weeks

Ending: Travis Counts a Crow

Declarations of War Episode 114

Tags: alliance tournament, apothne, Citadels, corp management, csm, CSM 11, election, eve online, Fozziesov, nullsec, pvp, Saranen, sovereignty, World War Bee

About the author

Alekseyev Karrde

Host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.

  • Anon

    Dear fucking cztards.

    When you put links to your shit content all over the internetz, don’t forget to put the word “podcast” on it because people with any brains aint wasting x minutes listening to some dumbfuckshit which they could read in under 40 seconds.

    Fuck you very much.

  • TotallyNotPuchoco

    Will listen when I get back home 😀

    Keep it up boiz

  • Saint Michael’s Soul

    Another great pod. Still thrown by the fact Alex isn’t in Noir. anymore.