Declarations of War: Exclusives feat. Opus Magnum


“Cat and mouse gameplay, if you will…”

DoW 149

-Opus Magnum, editor of EVE Onion News, joins us for a very unique episode of DoW

-A DoW exclusive on CCP’s new MMO project 

-#BotLivesMatter puts forward a historic candidate for CSM

-Local smack takes a shocking turn after a recent gank as a PL main is actually logged in and begins invasion

-Plus Alek puts Jin on notice regarding #VapeNation, Artimus oversees MC construction of a Palantine, and Opus reveals his career plans

Tags: #BotLivesMatter, #FakeNews, #VapeNation, ccp, eve, eve media, EVE news, EVE Onion, eve online, Hello Kitty, Keepstars, Opus Magnum, pandemic legion, podcast

About the author

Alekseyev Karrde

Host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.

  • a simple merc

    Im confused is this episode a Troll ? “we should have bots on the csm” WTF

  • TheMalazan

    Uh what? A 30 minute discussion about hello kitty then talking about fairly representing bots and how they’re being unfairly oppressed? Please tell me this episode is a joke of some sort. If this is what we can expect from the future of DoW I imagine you can expect to watch subs fall. What a load of BS.

    • The EVE Onion is a Very Serious and trusted news organization. Unlike Crossing Zebras which is Fake News. We stand by their reporting, accurate and TRUE!

  • HS1

    Yawn….eve is still a thing? I thought cuphead was much more entertaining…possibly pokemon go.

  • Ziraili “Alex Jones” Onzo

    Great episode, glad that we finally get some insight into the cultural civil war going on inside PL HC. Keep it up man, glad someone is putting focus on what might end up with a freaking fist fight between Elise and Grath, with Shadoo coming back to to be the referee in a full UFC style deathmatch.

    Love you calling out CZ as fake news here in the comments, Xander is the EVE version of Anderson Cooper! Mittani and his multidollar media-empire is the Roger Ailes of New Eden with some real facts that i can agree with.

    • Ziraili Onzo is a smart guy. I’ve always thought so and now many people are saying this.