Declarations of War: The Big One


“Those ‘newbie organizations’ have THE LARGEST supercaptial force in the game”

DoW 157

-The formation of Imperial Legacy

-Imperial Legacy vs PanFam/Holy League/Winter Coalition/GOTG: One of the largest wars in the game’s history (nearly every sov nullsec alliance)

-We cover the recent highlights and strategies for success in the conflict’s northern and southern fronts

-Super fleets commit and brawl in UALX-3: One of the largest battles in the game’s history

Great Wildlands power vacuum explodes into hard hitting regional conflict. Alek delivers a first person account of the action so far.

-Alliance Tournament begins next week! We run down the first round’s brackets to highlight the most dramatic and spicy matchups to look forward to

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About the author

Alekseyev Karrde

Host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.

  • a simple merc

    We really need imperium or legacy guests to give a accurate view of the south eastern war

  • Calduron Vorn

    Regarding Centipede Caliphate my impression from fighting them is that they are the lead alliance and best pvpers from the Garden Annoyances mini-coalition (Centipedes, Worms and Blades of Grass). They’ve put up feisty defences when we probed their space sometimes with a skill yourself Loki fleet suddenly dropping in to help them.

    I’d thought they might be a weak alliance to test but they did well.