Declarations of War: Mah Drills


“What’re you gonna do, go to the gym instead? I think not. Fuck you: pay me.”

DoW 131: Mah Drills

-MC vs Provi RESULTS! Plus news of their next deployment

-Spectacular dev blog about the new Refineries and moon mining v2.0

-RMLs down, HMLs up: will this bring back the Drake?

-Twitch vs EVE

-Is EVE P2W? One alphabro says yes with some epic fan mail

-New suns/stars/thingies

Ending Song: Summer Sun Celebration

Tags: dev blogs, eve online, MC, providence, refineries, Twitch

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Alekseyev Karrde

Host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.