Declarations of War: Judgement Day


Feat. an even handed discussion of the CSM Summit Minutes

DoW 142

-Judgement Day: TheJudge’s betrayal, gigX’s ban, and the effective dissolution of CO2

-Exclusive: The MC contract that almost was

-The South: What happens now?

-Point by point CSM Minutes breakdown with Alek and Jin #RealTalk

-Plus: Great Wildlands updates, CVA kills a Citadel with suicide Talwars, and Artimus goes tear krabbing

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Tags: ccp, csm, eve online, gigX, goons, goonswarm, Jin'taan, nullsec, pvp, sovereignty, TheJudge

About the author

Alekseyev Karrde

Host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.

  • Pandemic Commanche

    I don’t think either Goons or PL would commited like bloodbath of b-r5rb stylish on behave of Test/Co2. Only if Goons may have been pushed into Delve or PL in the North. More likely Goons, because they rely more on having sov.

  • Vertigoe

    why is anyone worried about unattended ratting, when you can cloak up and go unattended. If you want to solve one solve both.

    • Viince_Snetterton

      You KNOW that the null sec cartels have been whining about afk cloaking for years. It cuts down on the RMT profits. I bet that in the next 12 months CCP finally caves and eliminates it. But afk ratting /mining, oh no, they are sacrosanct.