Declarations of War: Exiting Captain’s Quarters


“The great seal clubbing of our time.

DoW 138

-Nidia Masters returns: not the guest we need, but the one we deserve

-Shout out to EVE Manchester!

-Get the Fuck Out: The Captains Quarters are finally being removed from the game

-T3 Rebalance now live, we weigh in with early thoughts

-CCP forms “Not-Balance” Team for ships and modules. What needs love first?

-Updates on the wars in Providence and Great Wildlands

PLUS!!! A can’t miss fight as Jin and Alek yell about the greatest question of the age: “What is more soul crushing gameplay, structure grinds or entosising?” 

Tags: ccp, eve online, Jin'taan, lowsec, nullsec, phoebe, pvp, sovereignty

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Alekseyev Karrde

Host of the Declarations of War podcast, two time CSM rep, founder and former CEO of Noir.

  • Vertigoe

    How about a role bonus to oversized AB’s to fitting and mass for Assault Frigates?

  • Vertigoe

    Artemis is correct in this. In fozziesov attackers have a huge advantage in numbers of people able to entosis. A solution to this although it could also be gamed is if Group A entosis an IHUB only Group A can entosis on the attack on the next timer not Group A and all his buddies.


    Spit ball on Entosis fixing. What if the entosis was an implant that took up all the slots. -or half- Plus, no visual to tell who is the entosis-er. Maybe limit the amount of entoses(?) on a structure at a time (1-2?). A defender must kill the correct ships to break the entosis attack. Guessing by ship type, spai-ing… The concept could be tweaked in a myriad of ways. I have always thought that the entosis, if it is going to be a thing, should be in the pilot’s head. Entosis ships can still be combat effective, if minus implants. No implants for the entosis wing now is a factor in fleet comp design, can’t make ’em too different they will be made by the enemy. IDK, maybe it’s a horrible and impractical idea. I had fun tinkering with it though.