CZTV #2 – Saturday 4th April 1900UTC


The weekend approaches rapidly and that means we are getting ready for the second episode of CZTV! Apoth will be leading proceedings once again although once again, no Lililiari who this week has some sort of terrible excuse such as ‘spending Easter with family’. Instead, Apoth will be joined by CZ podcast host Jeg Elsker. Guesting alongside Apoth and Jeg will be a very special guest – Camel pilot and CSMX candidate, FistyMcBumBardier and solo PvPer / SNIGG pilot, Theon Severasse. The conversation will focus around the recently announced changes to the Confessor and Svipul along with some wider discussion on solo and microgang PvP. Join them this Saturday, April 4th at 1900UTC on the Crossing Zebras Twitch Channel to watch us bumble our way through another great episode! CZTV1

Tags: Apoth, confessor, fisty, Jeg, microgang, solo PVP, svipul, theon

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Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.