Have you ever wondered exactly why Crossing Zebras is massive quantum leaps and bounds beyond any other EVE media site? What is it the CZ media empire does that makes all others look like the workings of mere, slightly retarded, children? CZleaks is here to offer you a rare glimpse into the advanced workings beneath the polished surface and the sophisticated work ethic of the elite CZ staff, putting all those trillions of ISK to work. What you see below are excerpts from the CZ Skype channel. It might be difficult to follow due to the high level of discussion and complex topics and is only recommended for advanced readers of above average intellect. Back in late 2013: Xander Phoena: Oh by the way cockchops – we pretty much have to record Friday night. To give a chance for the episode to be out there a good 24 hours before Monday. HVAC Repairman: you should tweet in advance a very special announcement COMING HVAC Repairman: the tweeters Xander Phoena: Already have been doing that you bellend HVAC Repairman: oh not like i read your shit Xander Phoena: Same right back at you. Xander Phoena: Dick. Xander Phoena: I should be charging HVAC for being allowed to write for us not the other way round. HVAC Repairman: poo poo fart pee HVAC Repairman: word skills bad HVAC Repairman: anyone not ratting in an afktar is an idiot Xander Phoena: link fit pls Xander Phoena: HVAC Xander Phoena: YOU DICK HVAC Repairman: what did i do now Xander Phoena: On 10/12/2013, at 19:40, Xander Phoena wrote: > link that afktar fit HVAC Repairman: god Xander Phoena: can’t get the staff these days… HVAC Repairman: im fighting doctor doom atm nerd Xander Phoena: such a loser HVAC Repairman: go look it up on the goon wiki HVAC Repairman: every spy in the game has access so you should too Xander Phoena: I brought on Forlorn for his brains and skills Xander Phoena: Sindel for her repartee and good looks HVAC Repairman: maths is illegal Xander Phoena: and HVAC so that myself and Jeg wouldn’t look totally outclassed by the other two More recently: Niden: Yeah, us second class citizens weren’t invited Tarek Raimo: NP Xander, Niden had it covered Xander Phoena: ~poors~ Niden: class war HVAC Repairman: The war on poors Niden: you can take our money, you can take our lives, but you’ll never take our freeeeedoooom Xander Phoena: Kill all poors Niden: Guillotine the rich HVAC Repairman: If freedom is going 100 jumps to kill a couple destroyers ill pass Niden: wow, you know fuck all about ls in that case Niden: go and shoot some structures, lemming HVAC Repairman: Why the jealousy m8 Mangala: cant i just gas you all and save me reading this pointless crap over and over now.Its boring. HVAC Repairman: The structure i just killed cost more than your top ten kills of the week o9 Niden: Yeah, I bet it put up a close fight HVAC Repairman: Mangina y u hatin m8 Xander Phoena: Shit, Mangala is displeased Xander Phoena: I guess HVAC has to stop calling you lowsec rejects ‘poors’ Mangala: it was funny the first couple of times, just gets boring now. like parks and rec. Niden: HE STARTED IT Xander Phoena: wow Xander Phoena: Mangala calling HVAC and Niden a bitch Xander Phoena: boring bitch at that HVAC Repairman: He just called niden a bitch. Not me Xander Phoena: He called you a bitch too HVAC. Xander Phoena: He said you are boring HVAC Repairman: Bitch if there one thing i aint, its boring Don’t you feel enlightened? Next time on CZleaks Xander will be explaining the expert use of ‘a bag of dicks’ and the staff will discuss the professional term ‘kiddie pool’. Stay tuned.
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11 year EVE veteran, Snuff Box lowsec scumbag, writer, graphic artist, producer, Editor-in-Chief of Crossing Zebras and the second most influential player in EVE, according to EVE Onion.

  • The Mittani

    What was the point of this? A public circle jerk?

    • Seith kali

      Circles don’t have a point, mittens.

    • Kamar Raimo

      It’s the EVE meta-media version of a TEST Alliance SOTA in excerpts.

    • xanderphoena

      It was just supposed to be a nice wee bit of light-hearted, amusing, throwaway content for the weekend. Don’t read too much into it Alex.

      • Niden

        Wasn’t that obvious?

  • Tubrug1

    Wow Ripard Teg will hear about this TORTURE of HVAC.

  • Smokey

    Golf clap, would read again