CZ Spring Fling


On October 5th 2013, EVE saw the first ever Crossing Zebras Community FFA take place in Asakai, and I was there.

Several hundred pilots showed up in frigates and cruisers and fought to the death for many hours.

As you can see from the video occasionally my fellow attendees would form a fleet to fight off some organised interlopers, who obviously felt the need to pad their killboards, rather than have a great time kicking back while taking the odd loss and relaxing in the bonhomie of many of EVE’s more well known personalities. All in all it was a great evening as both a pilot and one of the organisers.

And on May 17th Crossing Zebras is doing it again! Once again we invite past and present members of the CSM, podcasters, bloggers, streamers and of course, the core of the EVE community -YOU-, to engage in mortal combat for honour, glory and maybe even a prize or two!

You all want to know the details right? Well here goes.

When: Saturday 17th May 2014 Time: 19.00 UTC till late Where: Hysera What:  Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers Ingame Channel: CZ Community FFA

Now you may be asking why not Asakai? While I like the system, I want more people to have access to this event without the need for some hand holding through a single jump of low sec. As I found for Ganked 100, Hysera has two direct high sec connections, several stations and as with Asakai is connected to the rest of lowsec.

Often FFAs held by other entities provide free ships to those attending, and this one will be no different. We shall be providing a small number of fitted frigates and destroyers to people to keep them in the fight during the event. However, please do try to bring your own ships. Please only bring frigates, destroyers and cruisers, anything else is beyond the spirit of the event nd will just make a nice killmail for the rest of us.

As this is a Community FFA, understand that we cannot make this event the best it can possibly be without some assistance, so if you want to provide ships and fittings, offer up prizes, stream this to masses, or anything else you feel is important, then get in touch with me, Mangala Solaris as soon as possible.

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Mangala Solaris

Mangala Solaris has been playing EVE since 2006. In his time in EVE, he have been a missioner, a miner, a scammer, a trader & even a null bear, however over the past 4 years or so Mangala has been heavily involved in Red Versus Blue, and more recently has become one the key figures in the NPSI communities of EVE. Somehow in addition to all of this, he finds time to represent the players as a member of CSM 9.