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The CSM9 Summer Summit is now in the bag and the cries will now begin for the Minutes. And of course, there are many reasons people want their hands on the Minutes. Some will look for an indication in how things may change to speculate on the markets, some want to know what is coming to fix or improve their particular playstyle while the rest may be looking for the next Jesus feature. So the question this week is simple – what one thing would you like to see in the CSM9 Summer Summit Minutes and why? Apoth: As long as there’s more good stuff coming such as we’ve seen with the recent smaller stuff releases and we are slowly fed more concrete info about the revamp of Null I’m a happy man. Some news on capital balance (inherently linked with Sov) would be cool too. Hendrick: While I don’t hold out hope that the full Sov Null changes were hammered out, the potential to hear that some progress was made regarding them would be nice. Namely that a premise for the new system was at least agreed upon by all the parties involved etc. Queue an angry Oh Takashawa condemning the CSM and CCP for not doing enough in about 5 lines below this one. Xander: Obviously it’s a little tricky for me to contribute to this conversation given I know exactly what was discussed at the Summer Summit but it should surprise no-one that I am most excited to see the upcoming changes to 0.0. Null is in pretty bad shape but Fozzie has confirmed in the forums that change is coming before the end of 2014 with more adjustments next year. At this point, any change is going to be gratefully received by those in 0.0 but I was overwhelmingly pleased with what I have saw from CCP over the past week. 0.0 happening status: it’s. 20 Cilvius: Personally I am looking forward to whatever improves the overall health of the game. I’m not here to say that EVE is dying but we all know that player and subscriber counts are down. Any new features or improvements to existing ones that will help bring back the spark in old players and instill the spark into new ones are what the game needs right now. Personally, I think changes to sov are most likely to have the effect we need. Whether you live in sov null or not what goes on there brings about the most headlines. Headlines for a game like EVE bring back old players and convince new ones to try the game out. My wish for the summit minutes is that we see some signs of changes coming that could help revitalize the game. My other wish is that the minutes come out before the next CSM is elected. Mangala: As with Xander up there, its a little difficult for me to say what I would like to see in the minutes, having taken part in the sessions and all. While I hate to parrot, nullsec changes are one of the key things I have always focused right on to when it comes to the minutes of all CSM’s past, present and future. So much of the game and its player story is written there that to overlook this would be a travesty. Additionally for both my CSM campaigns I ran with a part focus on quality of life additions, so anything that helps there is something I want to see make it out into the minutes. As an aside, while the content we all want is obvious, I would love in some ways for some of the graphics the CSM gets shown – be they graphs, art, or whatever, to make it into the minutes as well. Mostly as a teaser, and such things would in an ideal world get folks talking about the minutes more than page after page of dry prose with NDA NDA NDA NDA splattered everywhere. Oh Takashawa: I wish we would see some accountability from CCP. They’ve been…moderately tolerable at admitting low-level mistakes in the short term over the past couple years. To this day, however, more than a decade in, the folks outside the EVE dev team, the management of CCP, remain wholly unaccountable and, to be frank, come across as unapologetic toward the playerbase. This, the playerbase who’ve sustained their livelihoods throughout year after year of poor communication, stagnant development, and questionable leadership decisions. I have great faith in the EVE team, and I look forward to seeing whatever they have to share. I have no faith in CCP’s leadership outside the EVE team, after year after year of having any faith in them driven out of me.
“I want to believe they hold themselves accountable for mistakes, embrace them, and learn from them.”
What I want most, out of every summit, is for that to come back. I want to believe that CCP – not the EVE team, not individual devs, but CCP as a whole, are on the same page with the players. I want to believe they hold themselves accountable for mistakes, embrace them, and learn from them. And I want to believe, desperately, that the management of CCP sees as at least part of its mission, the support and provision of whatever the EVE team needs to actually have a shot and evolving this unique and irreplaceable universe into something sustainable for another decade. I want to believe they will find the talent, and retain the talent, and reward the talent, that has brought us this far. I want to believe all of these things about CCP, and it is my most desperate hope that this year will somehow be different, and that we will see meaningful change in this area. Niden: I understand where Oh Taka is ‘coming from’. Although I understand it, I don’t share his pessimism (because lowsec and ~fun). I do however recognise Oh Taka is not alone; there are plenty of thoroughly bitter players out there, and not without reason. There is hope, however, even for the Oh Takashawa’s of this world. When Xander interviewed CCP Seagull a couple of months ago I got a distinct sense of honesty and connection. This feeling has been further cemented with the new six-week release cycle, where I feel that we, the players, have been brought a lot closer to the event horizon of EVE’s development. I do feel a gear has been shifted, and my overarching hope for the Minutes is that this new ‘connected’ feeling transforms into a shift in culture as well – a new order of things. EVE stands on the edge of a cliff however, and that cliff is nullsec. It is the ultimate testing ground to prove that what I’m seeing out of CCP counts for something when the rubber meets the road. I get the feeling that many a disillusioned player is giving CCP a last chance to instill hope in their hearts, and that very much depends on what they hear from the Summit.
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