CZ Minutes: What’s in a Name?

Last week’s CZ Minutes were epic. We decided this week to go for a much simpler, cleaner subject which would hopefully still raise a bit of interest and a laugh. Without further ado… Xander: After last week’s behemoth, I needed something a wee bit lighter and simpler to cover this week. You lot couldn’t come up with anything so I’ve picked this week’s topic. What’s in a name? How do you pick the name for your Eve toons? Do you put a lot of time into thinking them up? Does it become more tedious / less relevant with more accounts? How important is your character name in defining you as a person in New Eden? Mangala: Toons? Seriously, you used that word. Forlorn: Somebody should talk to Tyrrax Thorrk about using the word ‘toon’ when he is on the CSM summer meeting. Xander: Mangala, I only used it so I didn’t have to keep on saying ‘characters’. Also ← not a Goon. #pubbietilIdie Tarek: I’m a bit sleepless and actually on some (crappy) wifi. So here goes: I like comic books. When I say that I refer less to the American periodicals or to Manga but to the French and Belgian album style that became big in the 70s and 80s. Those albums later inspired the pretentious label “graphic novel”. I drew much of my inspiration for names from those. In my previous EVE life, much also depended on my characters appearing real and not just some throwaway alt, even if that was what they were. Therefore I kept using names that sounded like I was actually invested into that character. For my latest incarnation I chose a name from one of my all-time favorite albums: Moebius’ Incal series. Kamar Raimo is only a supporting character there. He is a total straight arrow in a story full of ambivalent people with often questionable values. He is also a warrior dedicated to a cause. That reflects my current approach to playing EVE. To my surprise, Kamar Raimo was already taken, so I used a first name that just crossed my mind at that time. Also: saying Toon is WOW speak Mangala: Way back when I first started gaming online I used a forum nick I had been using for a few years prior, and for games like WoW (yes I played) and LotRO and others, I came up with a latin version of it. However for EVE I felt that wouldn’t really fly. And since I was on yet another read of the Mars Trilogy by KS Robinson (I love me some hard scifi by the way), I decided to go with one of the names of Mars, in this case the Sanskrit one. Chuck on a tacky surname and Mangala Solaris was born. The majority of my alts use a similar naming convention except ones I have bought or wanted to be a tad more secret about. ac-repairman Joran: It’s funny, in almost all my other games I would go by Synche, but when I joined I had heard crazy things about what you could do in Eve, and I figured I might have to do them, too. I didn’t want this online name I had created to get muddied by all the scams I had running through my head. So Joran was born. Despite all that, I have yet to scam anyone in Eve. Eve is a strange game. Forlorn: I picked Forlorn as my internet name nearly two decades ago and I can’t remember any more what the idea was. I picked char  surnames from EVE roleplay news to have a name that is fitting to the char race. For cyno chars in their alpha clones the ingame name generator is good enough. Sometimes I pick names for female chars from kpop groups. Blame Sala Cameron for this! Niden: Niden is a name I created and have been using long before EVE was even conceived, originally not for gaming purposes. It’s a variation of the old norse word ‘nid’ which can be loosely translated into ‘ill’, ‘evil’, ‘below’ and ‘honourless’. It is a name given to a villainous person or thing. The name is short, different, full of meaning and easy to remember – perfect. Funny thing is that since I came up with the name, and I know I did because it’s a fabrication based on a word rather than just a word, other people have used it. The great thing about the longevity of EVE is that I was able to nab it in 2005, but that hasn’t stopped people from using very similar or surname variations. You posers better start paying royalty 😉 I very much like that it’s not obvious or overtly pretentious. Tasteless or poorly thought out names annoy me, and there’s plenty of that going around. I don’t mind if they’re funny or a play on words, just as long as they have some semblance of taste or quality. I’ve been known to go out of my way to kill and pod people for stupid names. HVAC: When I came back to the game in 2007, I did so with a number of Goons who played other games. None of us really planned to stick around so we all picked a bunch of intentionally awful names. The name I initially registered with is still my name on jabber and the gsf forums, which irritates me to no end. I created the HVAC Repairman character account to troll the CEO of another alliance in local, and used the name for my twitter account. The rest is history. Niden: Oh yeah, also ‘toons’, how dare you.
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